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Allen Head Wrenches Tool

Allen Head Wrenches Tool

Selected Carbon Steel,  Burnished Finish,  Fully Hardened & Tempered,  Generally Confirming to IS-3082-1988

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Allen head wrenches are important hand tools used to fasten screws or bolts with a hexagonal socket. It has both ends with a hex head to work. This hexagonal shape provides six points to apply pressure to the fasteners, making them more efficient.

Here are the features of Jhalani Allen head wrenches-

  • Allen head wrenches are used for hex-head bolts

  • These apply optimum torque on bolts in strenuous conditions. 

  • It is a pocket-sized and easy to carry handtool

  • Made of steel alloy these are best for multiple tasks. 

  • It is used for gripping and turning the bolts in either clockwise or anticlockwise directions to either tighten or loosen them

Ferreterro Tools are the leading manufacturer and exporter of Allen Head wrenches.

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