Featured 16 Jun Exploring the Best Hand Tools Manufacturers in India

Exploring the Best Hand Tools Manufacturers in India

Hammer is arguably the oldest and the most important hand tool to be used and cherished by humans. A hand tool tracing its existence back to centuries, this hand tool has been a loyal companion of humans to help him see through adverse conditions countless times by now. As a result, not only has it become an integral part of hand tool kits all around the world but has also been helmed and modified into various versions to suit the different needs of the people.

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The hammer has proved to be immensely helpful to the users. Thanks to its durability and sturdiness, the hand tool has seen monumental success amongst people around the world. Thus, the creation of such a hand tool is nothing less than a meticulously planned laborious process. It contains 2 stages – 1. Production of the head of the hammer, and 2. Production of the handle of the hammer. We will have a look at both of them.

Part 1 – Production process of the head of the hammer 

1. Accumulating – The initiation of the process begins with the creation of the head of the hammer. To do this, raw material is accumulated by the workers to work on and turn it into a sturdy head of the hammer. Usually, steel is considered for this. Plenty of pieces of steel, both big and small in size, are collected and accumulated for the next step of the process.

2. Forging – Next, the pieces of metal are heated up to very high temperatures (>1000 degrees Celsius). This melts the metal. These molten pieces of metal are then taken out and then forged together in pieces. The resultant piece is then shaped in the head of hammer and then allowed to cool down to give it the desired shape and strength.

3. Trimming – The process of forging involves the usage of molten pieces of metal for the construction of the head of the hammer. Often, the molten metal tends to leak out of the cast and spill around its boundary, thus affecting the overall shape, strength and looks of the hammer. To avoid this issue, trimming is done of the outer surfaces of the hammer near its boundary.

4. Treatment – In order to provide the hammer its strength which is its signature physical property, The hammer is subjected to the process known as ‘heat treatment’. In this, the hammer is simple subjected to extremely high temperature and pressure. The extreme pressure and temperature work exceptionally well in binding the atoms of the metal constituting the hammer together, thus inducing extreme strength and power in it.

5. Shot blasting – Once the head of the hammer is designed and manufactured, it is subjected to a big blast of air which comes at it with extremely high force, exerting intense pressure on its surface. This is done to free the surface of the head of the hammer from any steel residue that might be stuck on it and can pose a serious threat to the health of the user.

6. Polishing – In this final step of the design and manufacturing process, the head of the hammer is polished to make it look shinier and ready for usage by the customers. The process of polishing also ensures that there are no cracks or any other physical or chemical deformity in the body of the head of the hammer. Ensuring this eliminates the risk of any serious injury to the user of the hammer.

Part 2 – Production process of the handle of the hammer

The handle is the other essential part of the hammer. Following are the steps in designing and manufacturing of the handle of the hammer hand tool –

1. Accumulation – Pieces of wood are collected and the best suited is selected for the formation of the handle of the hammer.

2. Lathe – Next, the piece of wood is fixed on a lathe machine. As the piece rotated rapidly, cutting tool cuts the wood into desired shape and size.

3. Assembly – Finally, both the pieces are fixed together to create a hammer.

Hammer is arguably the oldest and the most useful hand tool to be used by humans since ancient times. A hand tool that has stood and passed the test of time, it has seen multiple incarnations of it over the years, thus proving its usefulness.

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