Featured 16 Aug Ferreterro Tools LLP - the best hand tools manufacturing company

Ferreterro Tools LLP - the best hand tools manufacturing company

Ferreterro Tools LLP is your ultimate one-stop solution for searching, choosing and ultimately buying the mechanical hand tools of the best quality in the country. Since its inception in 2016, Ferreterro Tools has since come a long way in the market. It has left its competitors far behind to emerge as the undisputed leader of the field. It holds expertise in the planning, designing, manufacturing and distribution of the mechanical hand tools of the best quality. Ferreterro Tools LLP was established with aim of serving the people with best-quality hand tools, and company is proud of regularly fulfilling this goal it had set for itself.

Company designs and manufactures multiple hand tools like spanner, wrenches, pliers, pipe wrench, hammer, screwdriver, allen key and many more. Ferreterro Tools LLP is proud to have served millions of people since its inception in 2016. Company has successfully delivered hand tools to its clients to very satisfactory results, and like this has created a base of millions of loyal and returning clients across country. Our clients are the best anyone can have in the world. They are very supportive and have always been encouraging to us, thus contributing in the multifold growth of the company.

The resultant of this stupendous performance in the market, is the rapid expansion of the company in 9 major cities of India, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Jalandhar, Ahmadabad and Jaipur, with the headquarters located in Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. Ferreterro Tools LLP has a well-planned and structured way of functioning, with a smooth workflow between the management, managers and workers. Every employee has a ‘code of conduct’ to remember and follow.

This ensures a smooth work-flow within Ferreterro Tools LLP and results in creation of mechanical hand tools of the best quality, resulting in the company gaining accolades and love from its clients. Company has been able to successfully follow this ‘code of conduct’ and as a result of this has seen a rapid growth in its number of clients and the amount of success attained in such a shirt run in the market. The result of this, has been the attainment of the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification. The certification is an undeniable proof of the quality of work done by the company and the highly positive image it has created for itself in the eyes and hearts of the people of the country.