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Get the highly durable Non sparking Tools in India
07 Sep 2022

Get the highly durable Non sparking Tools in India

  • Posted by : Jhalani Tools

  Occupational risk and work go hand in handbut you cannot avoid the fact that working in a hazardous situation may costyour life. We need highly specified tools for quality work which can avoidhazards caused by friction ignition. These tools are called Non-sparking toolsand we are one of the most trusted suppliers of Non-sparking tools in India. Inmetal tools we encounter the issue of spark generation between two metalsthat  can produce explosions. Anti-sparktools or the Non-sparking tools are the potent solution to this problem.

 These tools aregenerally made up of non-ferrous metal which simply means that they do notcontain the highly ferromagnetic metal iron and are alloys. The non-ferrousmetals have prominent properties of non-sparking and this make them the bestchoice for being usd in the manufacture of non-sparking tools. These tools arenon-magnetic in nature hence can be safely employed in the hospital equipmentlike MRI machines which radiate magnetic fields. Non-sparking tools like chisel,hack saw frame, crate opener, hacksaw blade, carbide drum opener, Spanner,hammer, allen key, pipe wrench etc. are made with complete precision andaccuracy to avoid any human error. We are leading suppliers of non-sparkingtools in india where these tools are used in various key manufacturingindustries like chemical and automotive industries, oil & gas, pulp andpaper, the pharmaceutical sector, mining, agricultural, railways, aviation,food etc.

 Non-sparking toolsneed greater care while using them in rigorous working environments as theseare subjected to quick wear and tear. Some spark-resistant tools made up ofalloys like Aluminium-Bronze or Copper-Beryllium alloys should not be used inenvironments where acetylene gas is used as these can react with the gas andcan form explosives. Non-sparkingtools need exhaustive maintenance so that their longevity can beincreased and it can be achieved by cleaning tools after every use to avoid thedistortion occurring to them. Also, we need to avoid their contact with thecorrosive products so that their properties remain unchanged in any atmosphere.Frequent quality checks should be carried out on non-sparking tools such as hammers, strikingwrenches, sockets, etc., which are generally more prone to wear. Jhalani toolsmade non-sparking tools in India with great innovation and are engaged in themanufacturer and supply of quality tools. We use progressive engineering andinnovative techniques to manufacture tools that retain their strength and shapeevn after long term extensive use. We use aluminum-bronze alloy andcopper-bronze alloy to manufacture the high quality non-sparking tools whichgives them strength and quality. 


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