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One Tool For Many Works: Spanner Handtool
09 Dec 2022

One Tool For Many Works: Spanner Handtool

  • Posted by : Jhalani Tools


One cannot imagine life without hand tools as we need them for every big or small mechanical work. Someone asked me to think of the oldest handtool made by civilized men. I promptly answered that it could be a spanner as, among every hand tool known to us, the spanner is one widely used tool. The history of spanner handtool goes back to the 15th century when mankind was in the transformational era of industrialization and renaissance.  


Spanners are essential hand tools, highly recommended for tough and time taking mechanical jobs of loosening and fastening tight bolts. These generally have Long handle with a sturdy grip that makes it best for applying maximum torque on the bolts to be opened.  Spanners are interesting and practical tools as these are used by amateurs to professional mechanics, woodworkers, and metalworkers for a variety of works. 


Spanners available at Jhalani tools are in a wide variety and one can choose from general-purpose spanners to task-specific spanners. We can use Flare nut wrenches for tightening or loosening hexagonal nuts and fittings and it is a versatile tool widely used in the automobile industry. S-Type Ring Spanners have round rings on both ends that can be used to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts. These have a shape in form of an S, hence named s-type spanners. The rings of S-Type Ring Spanners are bowed down in opposite directions from each other hence six-sided nut bolts can easily be grasped with the projecting teeth inside the rings. 


Other available options are:


  • C-Type Ring Spanners
  • Tubular box spanners
  • Sledge Type Single Ended Open Jaw Spanners
  • Single-Ended Open Jaw Spanner 
  • Bihexagonal ring spanners 
  • Double Open End Spanner 


The quality of raw material used in the manufacturing of hand tools is very important as it can predict the longevity and durability of the tool. Spanners are made of high-quality alloy steel and made with Drop Forged method so that strength can be infused into them. Work can be done with the help of any type of hand tool but for the best results of your work, you need fine-crafted, sturdy, and scientifically made tools. Safety is one more important criterion for choosing a spanner handtool as a lack of knowledge or negligence may lead to several mistakes and injuries. It is important to use spanner hand tools properly and precisely rather than using them in a way to enhance the speed of the work. 



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