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Company History

Brief life history of brand Jhalani

1960-1986:- Parent brand Gedore
Owner Gedore Germany
User in India: Gedore Tools (India) Pvt Ltd

1986-2004:- Brand Jhalani
Owner & User: Jhalani Tools (India) Ltd

2004-2015:- Brand Jhalani
Owner & User: Jhalani Tools

2015 onwards:- Brand Jhalani
Owner & User: Ferreterro Tools LLP

Gedore Tools (I) Pvt. Ltd. was established as per the collaboration agreement between Jhalani’s and Gedore Germany to begin production and marketing of Hand Tools manufacturer in India. Extensive technological arrangements were created and serious efforts were made on a continuous basis to maintain very strict quality standards and thus the Tools manufactured became very popular.

In 1986, the collaboration agreement with Gedore Germany expired and the name of the company was changed to “Jhalani Tools (I) Ltd.” The Hand Tools manufactured and marketed by Jhalani Tools (I) Ltd. adhered to the same strict quality standards, maintained under the brand - “Jhalani”. Due to internal adverse circumstances, the company ran into losses from 1989-90, but the brand “Jhalani” was transferred out so as to keep alive its tradition of market leader. The company Jhalani Tools (I) Ltd. is presently under winding up.

Efforts began 2004 onwards to re-establish the brand “Jhalani” and to regenerate business within the Indian domestic market. In 2015, the brand “Jhalani” was acquired by Ferreterro Tools L.L.P.


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