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Bearing Puller

Ferreterro Tools LLP is your one-stop solution and best option for exploring and purchasing the best hand tools for yourself in the country. The company has evolved into being the undisputed leader of this extremely competitive and ruthless industry of designing, manufacturing and distributing of the mechanical hand tools. Located at Sector 83, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, the company has repeatedly proved why it is considered the best in the industry. It has attained sufficient recognition, praise, trust and loyalty from people belonging to every corner of the country thanks to its impressive results. Since its inception in 2015, it has been undisputed leader of mechanical hand tools segment of markets in country. The company was established with the aim of manufacturing the mechanical hand tools of the best quality to serve the people of the country, and the company is happy to fulfil this vision envisioned by the founding member. The company has emerged quickly as the most trustworthy name in this market of mechanical hand tools. In such a short span of time, company has quickly set a firm foot in market and is now evolving and progressing at a rapid pace while generating impressive results and attaining fabulous success for itself. It has displayed very encouraging growth in its results and in the market of mechanical hand tools, thus attaining a positive name for itself in the market. The company is very happy to be able to perform at par with the far more experienced and massive competitors in the market having a massive advantage in terms of number of years of being functional in the market. The company is very happy to be able to create a distinct and successful identity for itself amongst such stalwarts of the market. The company is very humble by the success it has attained in the market. The company would like to credit its success to the people of the country who have pout in their trust with the company of providing them with the mechanical hand tools of the best quality. The company would also like to thank its team of professionals who work hard in turning the company’s vision into a reality. The workers put in extreme hard work into manufacturing of the hand tools, thus creating masterpieces from metal. Their work is being supervised by the managers who are highly-qualified and professional in what they do, thus generating excellent results. Their efforts have resulted in massive expansion of the company in 9 major cities of India, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Jalandhar, Ahmadabad and Jaipur, with more names in the process of being added soon.

The manufacturing process of the bearing puller hand tool is a long and intense process involving a lot of planning, resources, hard work, dedication and coordination amongst everyone involved in the process. The entire process is an extremely detailed and laborious one where every step involved needs to be performed with extreme precision and care so that the company ends up manufacturing only the best quality bear puller hand tool for its invaluable customers and clients. Every point involved in the process is sufficiently thought out and checked thoroughly by multiple managers in the company.

The involved steps are -

1. Collection of resources - Manufacturing process of the bearing puller tool begins with collecting of the right set of resources. The right set of designing software, manufacturing tools and people are assembled.

2. Designing - Before beginning of shaping of metal, it is created in software to visualise final result. Solidworks software is used to design and visualise the final look of the bearing puller.

3. Forging - Next, the process of forging is performed by the team involved in the manufacturing process. In this, metal is collected to be used as raw material for hand tool’s production.

4. Forming - Next, after collecting right metal in sufficient amounts, the process of forming is performed on it. In this, the metal is treated to give it the right shape and form.

5. Annealing - After process of forming, the prepared metal is annealed or heat treated by the workers. The prepared metal is subjected to very high temperatures (>1000 degree Celsius) to provide strength.

6. Chrome plating - After heat treatment process, bearing puller tool is chrome plated. It is done to prevent its surface against corrosion and damage from daily rough usage in harsh industrial settings.

7. Polishing - Next, the surface of the prepared bearing puller tool is polished thoroughly to give it a shining look. Its surface is also checked for any physical damage or deformity here.

8. Cleaning - The entire body of the bearing puller hand tool is thoroughly cleaned using industrial grade solutions to give it a shining look at providing safety against corrosion and other problems.

9. Inspection - An inspection officer is assigned the task of inspecting prepared bearing puller hand tool thoroughly. He conducts several quality checks on it and is passed, gives it go-ahead for distribution.

10. Packaging - Concludingly, bearing puller hand tool is packed in company-marked boxes and sent for distribution to sellers using transportation of company. It is sent to sellers to be sold to customers.

Bearing puller is a very important and integral part of the mechanical hand tool kits all around the world. The hand tool is a handy and sturdy hand tool which serves its user for a long time. It is used for multiple purposes like removing parts from mechanism.

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