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Ferreterro Tools LLP is your one-stop solution for finding and securing best hand tools for yourself in the country. Company has emerged undisputed leader in this extremely competitive and ruthless industry of designing, manufacturing and distributing of mechanical hand tools in country. Located at Sector 83, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, it has time and again proved its mettle in the mechanical hand tools market. It has garnered enough recognition, attention, praise and accolades from people all around the country due to its results.  Since its inception in 2015, it has been undisputed leader of mechanical hand tools segment of markets in country. In such a short span of time, company has quickly set a firm foot in market and is now growing at rapid pace with great results and success. It has generated sharp growth in its results and, ultimately success, in this field in its relatively short run in the market of mechanical hand tools. The encouraging results generated by the company has seen it sprint ahead of its far more experienced competitors who were otherwise known as giants of the market. Company is extremely humbled with the encouraging results it has generated in the past 6 years and would like to thank its customers for this for their unflinching support and respect to the organisation. Any company can exist only due to its customers, and Ferreterro Tools LLP is extremely lucky to have such beautiful and massive consumer base of such dedicated, sweet and supportive customers. Our customers are best anyone can get who always lend their full support to us, trusting us with fulfilling their demands of mechanical hand tools. Company has a large base of returning customers who trust us with their requirements again and again, and the company ensures that their requirements are fulfilled with the same excellence and trust as the first time. Company also credits its success to its employees who are more like a family to it. The employees are some of the best you can find in the business. These highly-knowledgeable and motivated employees are recruited after being screened through a strict screening process, leaving only the best for hiring. These employees are a group of highly dedicated and motivated individuals who work dedicatedly with only a single aim in mind, that is, to design and manufacture the best hand tools for the customers to provide them with smile of happiness and relief. It is due to their efforts that the company has been successful in opening offices in 9 cities in India, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Jalandhar, Ahmadabad and Jaipur, with more names in the process of being added soon.

The manufacturing process of the mechanical tools’ tool box and tools trolley is a long process. It demands enough careful planning, the right set of and amount of resources, the right set of skills, perseverance, and an eye of identifying excellence when it happens from the manufacturers and workers. The tools box is box used to store the mechanical hand tools safely. Therefore, it had to be strong, lightweight and durable for the user. And these factors are kept in mind while designing the design and manufacturing process of the tools box and tools trolley. The steps are -

1. Collection of resources - First step of manufacturing process. Manufacturers make a list of raw materials and mechanical hand tools they need for making tools box and assemble them.

2. Designing - Next, the tool box to be manufactured is first designed on a paper with all the dimensions clearly marked. The drawing act as a blueprint for manufacturers.

3. Cutting - Sheet is cut from the source to be transformed into metal tool box. Sheet selected is strong yet flexible enough to be shaped and cut as desired.

4. Layout - Layout or an outline of the metal tools box with its exact design and dimensions is marked on the sheet for ease in tool box manufacturing operation.

5. Shaping - When sheet is cut on the outline and the sheet with the exact shape and dimensions is extracted, it is then shaped in form of tool box.

6. Bending - Next, the sheet is bend from various positions to give it the look of the metal tool box. It is bent along pre-marked lines on metal sheet.

7. Preparing the corners - Next, corners of the tool box are prepared by putting in angled cut at the edges after measuring and marking them on the metal sheet.

8. Assembling - Next, the ends of the metal tool box are attached to the tray of the box. Various methods are implemented for this process, like spot welding process.

9. Preparing the handle - Handle is prepared at last of manufacturing process. It is prepared from the same metal sheet by marking, drawing and cutting the handle from it.

10. Fastening - Finally, prepared handles are fastened to the prepared metal tool box using spot welding process. Ensure that handle is properly positioned before welding it into box.

11. Painting - Concludingly, box is painted using spray painting process. It provides two advantages. It enhances the look of metal tool box while saving it from rusting and corrosion.

Tool Box and Tool Trolley are very essential mechanical tools for people working with mechanical hand tools to own. These hand tools are used to safely store and move mechanical hand tools. These are mostly made of sheet metal which is strong and easy to helm.

 For more details about tools box and for securing best deals for yourself, please visit Ferreterro Tools or call us on +91-9873020506. You’re invited to visit our office at Sector 83, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India to know more about our products and booking them at best prices for yourself! 

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