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Jhalani Hand Tools is the leading spanner tool manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter, dealing in every type of spanner. Jhalani spanners provide the required grip and apply optimum torque to turn the objects. Spanners are widely used hand tools in the everyday work of fastening and loosening nuts and bolts. It is an essential hand tool needed for every kind of mechanical work. 


Flare nut wrenches are very basic kinds of spanners found in toolboxes. These are used for every kind of big and small fastening and loosening mechanical job. 

The main features of the Jhalani flare nut spanner are:

  • It is made up of a high-quality steel alloy.

  • layered with corrosion-resistant metal.

  • Easy-to-hold handle 

  • Complete grip over the nuts and fittings

  • useful in tightening or loosening hexagonal nuts and fittings

  • Generally, hand tools are used in the automobile industry.


S-type ring spanners are employed in tasks where straight-handle spanners don't get access. 

The main features of Jhalani S-type spanners are:

  • Made of high-quality steel alloy

  • Good durability and performance

  • Excellent grip to fasten and tighten tough bolts

  • Used in garage, industrial, automobile, and other industry works 

  • Drop Forged to have great strength and customisation


C-type ring spanners are mainly used in the automotive industry. These serve as a better option as they are less likely to slip off the fastener head. A C-type half-moon spanner has a curved wrench head, like a half-moon or the letter "C.".

Here are the features of Jhalani Spanners:

  • Highly recommended for slippery machine bolts

  • Made of high-quality steel alloy 

  • Available in three-ring sizes

  • Excellent grip to fasten and tighten tough bolts

  • Drop forged and perfect mechanical jobs


Tubular box spanners are rotary fasteners ideal for car repair and maintenance work.

Here are the features of Jhalani Spanners:

  • Provides a strong grip and enough torque to turn objects

  • Generally used for removing spark plugs in the automobile industry

  • It has a hexagonal shaft that fits perfectly above the nut. 

  • Made up of the finest quality steel alloy and highly durable

  • Polished finish and corrosion resistance

5. Sledge-type single-ended open jaw spanner

Sledge-type, single-ended, open-jaw spanners are the best for tough and time-consuming mechanical jobs like loosening and fastening tight bolts. It is generally used in homes, garages, automobiles, and other industries. 

Here are the features of Jhalani spanners:

  • It has a long handle with a sturdy grip. 

  • helps in applying maximum torque

  • Made of fine quality graded steel alloy 

  • Good durability and strength

  • Available in varied sizes of jaws 

  • Drop Forged to have great strength 

6.  Sledge Type Single Ended Bi-hexagon Ring Spanner

Sledge-type single-ended bi-hexagon ring spanners is recommended for use with bolts of bi-hexagonal (12-sided) shape. Its heavy-duty construction makes it suitable for use in heavy industries such as construction, mining, and oil and gas.

Here are the features of Jhalani Tools:

  • Made of high-grade steel alloy and available in a burnished finish

  • The hexagonal loop makes steady contact with the nut from all sides.

  • Used to open tight and hard nuts 

  • Employed in automotive and heavy industries

  • The looped end provides a firm grip and anti-slip features. 


7. Combination Open & Box End Wrenches

 Combination Open and Box End Wrenches are easy-to-use hand tools. These contain wrenches either separately or in combination. One end is an open wrench, while the other is boxed in shape. 

Here are the specific features of Jhalani tools:

  • It is made of a high-grade steel alloy.

  • The box end holds the bolt firmly, and the open end jaw fastens it further with ease.

  • Perfect for use in small and heavy industries

  • Highly durable and long-lasting product

  • A versatile handtool with multiple features

8. Single-Ended Open Jaw Spanner

A single-ended open jaw spanner has the added advantage of optimum jaw size. It can perfectly fit into the nuts and is the most widely used hand tool.

Here are the specific features of Jhalani tools:

  • Perfect for opening old and rusted nuts/bolts. 

  • Made with a drop forged technique for durability

  • Use of the best quality steel alloy in manufacturing

  • Precise handle-to-jaw ratio for good grip

  • Used in every kind of mechanical work

9. Bihexagon Ring Spanners

A bihexagonal ring spanner is a widely popular handtool, used for tightening or loosening bolts and nuts with hexagonal heads.

Bihexagonal ring spanners, also known as hexagonal ring spanners, provide more accessibility to nuts and bolts with their sharp aperture. 

Here are the specific features of Jhalani tools:

  • Made of chrome-vanadium steel alloy

  • Available in multiples of 6x7, 8x9, 10x11, 12x13, 14x15, 16x17, 18x19, 20x22, 21x23, 24x27, 25x28, and 30x32 (all measurements in mm)

  • Chrome-plated body with polished rings for rust resistance

  • Hexagonal rings maintain a good grip on large bolt and nut heads.

10. Double Open End Spanner

The double-open end spanner is a must-have tool in every toolbox. It is a one-piece wrench with a U-shaped opening on both ends, highly useful for loosening and fastening at the same time.

The ends of this type of spanner are generally oriented at an angle of around 15 degrees.

Here are the specific features of the Jhalani Double Open End Spanner tools:

  • It allows the maximum range of movement in enclosed spaces.

  • Helpful in gripping two opposite faces of the bolt or nut.

  • Made of drop-forged technique for increased strength

  • Made of high-grade steel alloy

  • Available in all sizes 

  • Body of corrosion-resistant material

Buy the best quality hand tools from Jhalani hand tool manufacturers and suppliers and excel in your work.


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