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Jhalani, Jhalani Tools, Sledge Type Single Ended Open Jaw Spanner
Sledge Type Single Ended Open Jaw Spanner Sledge Type Single Ended Open Jaw Spanner

Sledge Type Single Ended Open Jaw Spanner

Available in Burnished Finish, Generally Confirming to IS 4508-1992, Chrome Vanadium Steel, HSN-8204

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Sledge Type Single Ended Open Jaw Spanners are best for tough and time-consuming mechanical jobs of loosening and fastening tight bolts. 

Here are the features: of Jhalani spanners:

  • Long handle with sturdy grip for applying maximum torque
  • Made of fine quality-graded steel alloy 
  • Good durability and strength
  • Available in varied sizes of jaws 
  • Generally used In Home, Garage, Automobile, and other industries, works 
  • Drop Forged to have great strength 


Ferreterro Tools are the leading manufacturers and exporters of Sledge Type Single Ended Open Jaw Spanner


Order your set today and open those rusted bolts easily!

A single slotted open jaw wrench is a specific type of spanner or spanner commonly used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts. It is designed with a single-ended jaw that has an open shape, allowing it to fit the hex or square heads of nuts and bolts. The term "sled type" refers to the construction of the wrench. It means the wrench has a strong and sturdy, hammer-like design for added strength and durability. This type of wrench is typically used for heavy-duty applications where higher torque is required. The open jaw design means that the wrench has a U-shaped opening at the end, allowing it to be inserted into the head of the nut or bolt. Unlike a closed spanner, an open spanner can easily be inserted into the fastener from the side, without the need to hook it from above. This feature makes it more convenient for use in tight spaces or when working with long bolts. The single-ended feature means that the wrench has only one usable end and the other end is non-functional or designed for a different size of nut or bolt. Single wrenches often come in different sizes, and you'll need to select one that matches the size of fastener you're working with. In general, a single slide open-end wrench is a heavy-duty wrench with a U-shaped open jaw on one end, used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts in applications that require higher torque. .


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