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Jhalani Hammer Hand Tools Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Hammers are the most basic yet essential handtools. They are needed in variety of works like blacksmithing, carpentry, automotive mechanics and many other applications.

Types of hammers available at Jhalani hand tools:

  1. Claw Hammer with Grip Handle


Claw hammer is a multipurpose hand tool highly recommended for any mechanical work.

Few features of the Jhalani Claw hammer with Grip Handle are: 

  • Made of high carbon heat-treated steel

  • The heat treatment helps prevent chipping 

  • Anti-slip grip of the handle


Sledgehammers are highly recommended for the  high-impact mechanical works. These are heavy-duty hammers putting high force on striking. 

Few features of Jhalani Sledgehammer:

  • These are made of high-carbon high- heat treated steel 

  • The heat treatment helps prevent the chipping of the hammer.

  • Its ergonomic design makes it user-friendly

  • Suitable for High-impact work 

  • Handle with rubber to give a perfect grip.                                                                           



Soft-faced mallet hammers are recommended for works where we need to protect the surfaces. 

Few features of Jhalani Soft faced Mallet hammer-

  • It has a carbon steel hard nylon head to avoid damage to surfaces. 

  • High-quality axle fixed firmly to the hammerhead. 

  • The tough rubber head moulded to the handle gives it perfect gripping. 

  • They are used for dismantling and reassembling components or shaping sheet metal



Sledge hammer is of great use in robust conditions.  Fiberglass made it lightweight and chemical-resistant making.

Here are the features of Jhalani Sledge hammer with fibreglass- 

  • Made from high-strength and lightweight fibreglass 

  • Handle with poly jacket acts as a bulletproof vest 

  • The fibreglass components absorb shock distinctively well and are also much more hearty than a wooden handle.

  • These hammers have a carbon steel hard nylon head, which prevents damage to surfaces. 


Ball peen hammers are highly recommended for hammering works where no there is no need for heating and directly one can hammer the object. 

Here are the features of the Jhalani Ball Pein hammer-

  • It is mainly used in for working on metals

  • A ball peen hammer is used in cold riveting

  • These hammers are harder than the face of a claw hammer


Cross pein hammers can precisely transfer force from the hammer to the nail and hit the nail and not the fingers.  

Here are the features of the Jhalani Cross Pein hammer-

  • These hammers are also widely preferred in carpentry shops. 

  • Made of wood that absorbs shock, vibrations and knocks.

  • Cross-pein hammers are mainly used for putting nails into wood. 

  • The hammer is ideally weighted and balanced for this type of work.

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