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Bench Vice And Clamp Hand Tool

Bench Vice & Clamp Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Bench vice and clamp are highly recommended workman hand tools that keep the metal and wood pieces firmly fixed and steady while you perform the action on them.

Bench vice and clamp are mechanical hand tools utilised in the mechanical and manufacturing industries for usage in various situations and ways. Today, both of these hand tools have become an important part of the group of mechanical hand tools and can be found being implemented and utilised in factories all around the world. Both the bench vice and the clamp are utilised for a variety of purposes. Bench vice is used to grip and hold the piece of metal at its place firmly so that the user can work upon it without worrying about the metal getting displaced under the force, thus eliminating the threat of injury to him. It is also used to firmly paste the materials together by application of external force on them after placing them adjacently close together. The design of bench vice helps it and the user apply immense force on the materials, and its locking mechanism holds the material at its place firmly. Clamps are used to hold the materials firmly with a strong grip while the user completes his work. They are shaped like a circle, with space in between its 2 ends to hold the piece of metal together in its place in a firm and sturdy manner. It is then firmly fixed around the concerned piece of metal to be fixed and/or worked upon using a T- head key that is used to tighten and/or loosen the clamps holding the workpiece together. There are 5 types of bench vice –

1. Steel bench vice

2. Engineer’s bench vice

3. Machine vice

4. Pipe vice

5. Combination vice.

All the five types of bench vice mentioned here perform different tasks for its user while utilising the same principle of working.  Although, the objective and the basic principle of design remains the same. Since bench vice comes in numerous variants for its user to look, test and choose from, it presents multiple advantages to him, thus adding on to its credibility and user experience. The bench vice works extremely well when the user combines it with glue. The user can use glue to stick the pieces together and then place them inside the bench vice which will then stick the pieces together firmly using the application of immense external force. It is also used to hold the piece of metal stable and firm at its place so that the user can work upon it without any risk of injury. This enhances the results and the user experience for the user to a great extent, thus adding to his quality of experience. Ferreterro Tools LLP understands the tool’s usefulness and importance for our invaluable customers. Thus, to ease up the process of shopping for this tool, we have a surprise for you. Presenting to you, our online buying services for our invaluable customers. Now, browse and buy your favourite hand tool effortlessly from the comfort and safety of your home through our website.  Browse through numerous hand tools and their multiple variants available with us and choose what suits your needs the best. And wait, there’s more at your service! Register your query or service request with us in seconds through an easy and hassle-free process. Visit our website, and after following a simple procedure, you can easily submit your query with us. And then, just sit back and relax, as we work to provide you a guaranteed satisfactory settlement of your problem within 24 hours. You can also post a service request with us using the website with a single click. And then, just sit back and relax as our team solves the matter swiftly and professionally, giving you free pick-up, service and delivery services. We offer guaranteed solutions to any type of problem you are facing in 24 hours! Customer is God for us, and this is our offering to him for his recurring faith and trust in us!


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