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Cutter Hand Tool

Cutters are used for cutting and slicing cables and other pipe cutting works. These are often used to make multiple cuts quickly and accurately

Ferreterro Tools LLP is the leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of mechanical hand tools in the country. Located in Sector 83, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, the company has attained unimaginable fame, recognition, and support from millions of people in the country in its relatively short span of existence in this market. Since its inception in 2015, the company has emerged and cemented its place in the market as the ultimate leader in the segment.

The company has achieved unparalleled success and growth in the market and continues to escalate its success at an astonishing speed, leaving its competitors down and long out. The company is humbled by its achievements and eventual success in the market and credits multiple reasons for its winning run in the mechanical hand tools market. The company credits its share of success to the unfailing following of discipline by every person working at every position and level in the company. From the senior managers to the junior employee, there is a ‘code of conduct to be followed by every person working at every level in the office which our members do unfailingly. Everyone is well aware of every word written in the ‘code of conduct written for them and swears by each and every word of it and incorporates it into his professional life.

The principles of conduct are reflected in each and every action of the employee, and ultimately, in the mechanical hand tools designed and manufactured either by them or under their supervision. The employees manufacturing the mechanical hand tools for the company and its invaluable customers are thorough professionals and the best in the business. These employees are made a part of the company after making they undergo a stringent recruitment process. This recruitment process is designed in a way that makes it a wholesome test for recruitment and ensures that the ones clearing and ultimately entering the company are the best in the market. The result of having such a grueling recruitment process is the overwhelming success of the company. Opening its offices in 9 major cities of India, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Jalandhar, Ahmadabad, and Jaipur, with more names in the process of being added soon to this already glorious list of names. The company has its headquarters in Sector 83, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India from where it overlooks its operations all over the country.  
The manufacturing process of cutter tools is a complicated process requiring planning, care, and concentration from the team to ensure that they come up with the best-quality Cutters hand tool -

1. Forging - The manufacturing process of the cutter tool begins with a process known as forging. In this, raw material is collected from various sources and melted in big industrial furnaces.

2. Drilling - Next, after the metal melts completely, it is taken out of the furnaces. Then, it is shaped like a plier tool by applying intense pressure on it.

3. Forming - This step involves the transformation of molten metal into a plier tool. Hot molten metal is shaped like a plier tool and then cooled to let it form into shape.

4. Shaping - Next, the molten metal molded in the shape of a plier tool is allowed to take its shape like the plier tool for the next step in the manufacturing process.

5. Scraping - The surface of the prepared plier tool then undergoes a scraping process. It enhances the plier tool’s quality and helps workers identify and eliminate any physical deformity in its body.

6. Blade creation - Next, blades of plier hand tools are created in this manufacturing process. The metal casting process is utilized for the blade creation process for creating durable blades.

7. Assembly - Parts of the cutter tool are assembled together using a pin to join both blades and then applying intense pressure on them to fix them firmly together.

8. Precise drilling - A point which is priorly decided on the surface of the cutter is drilled to insert the rivet for joining the blades to create the cutter hand tool manufacturer in India

9. Riveting - Rivet is precisely and carefully drilled into the cutter’s body to join both the parts of the plier tool firmly together to give it its final form.

10. Grinding - The rough surface of the prepared cutter tool is ground thoroughly and smoothened to polish and shine it brightly for preparing it for selling using a grinding wheel.

11. Quenching -– Quenching or the heat treatment process is performed on the cutter tool to give it the strength to withstand rough usage in industrial settings and daily life.

12. Polishing - The prepared cutter tool is polished thoroughly to give it the shining bright finished look while also identifying and eliminating any physical deformity on its outer surface.

13. Cleaning - The assembled cutter is further cleaned using industrial-grade solutions on its surface and removing dirt particles from the surface to avoid any lapses in its performance or quality.

14. Inspection - The prepared cutter tool is inspected thoroughly by an inspecting official to check one last time for any physical deformity like crack, linearity, strength, and so on.

15.  Packaging - Finally, upon passing all quality checks and given a go-ahead by the inspecting official, the cutter tool is packed for shipping and shipped by the company’s transportation services.

Cutter Tool is a very important, durable tool that is an integral part of mechanical hand tool kits all around the world. The Cutter hand tool is used to cut wires and heavy metals like steel when required. It is a durable and strong hand tool used extensively all around the world.

Ferreterro Tools LLP, is the best hand tool manufacturer in India, including the best hand tools manufacturer in India. Located in Sector 83, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, Ferreterro Tools LLP has earned enough recognition and accolades during its comparatively short yet rewarding journey in this market like the ISO 9001:2015 certification to earn the prestigious title of being the best hand tool manufacturer in India. You’re invited to visit our office at Sector 83, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India to know more about our mechanical hand tools and their manufacturing process and book them at the best price!. To get further details on cutter tools and other manufacturer tools, Contact us on +91-9873020506.



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