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Snap of Cutters

Snap of Cutters

(with 2 Extra Blades), HSN - 8204  

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Snap of Cutter is generally used as a heavy-duty wire cutter. 


Here are the features of Snap of cutter:

  • It comes with two extra blades.

  • The snap of cutter from  Ferreterro Tools LLP provides you with sharp, effective, trustworthy and safe-to-use blades that yield perfect results for the user.

  • This cutter is effective and a perfect choice to keep in your mechanical hand tool kit.

  • The design of the body protects the blades from getting affected by the environment and their surroundings on it.

  • Due to the good quality of the product, it can work with rough surfaces.

Ferreterro Tools are the leading manufacturer and exporter of snap cutters.

Order your set today and make your wire cutting easy.


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