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Ferreterro Tools LLP, situated in Sector 83, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, is the leader in the market of designing, manufacturing and distribution of high-quality, durable and ‘easy to use’ mechanical hand tools in the country today. Since its inception in 2015, the company has emerged as the undisputed and wholeheartedly accepted leader in this extremely competitive and unforgiving market of the mechanical hand tools. The company has been consistent in the field, repeatedly proving its mettle in this segment of the mechanical hand tools market. The company credits multiple factors that collectively resulted in the company attaining stupendous success in the mechanical hand tools market. The company has highly-experienced and knowledgeable people in their core management team that draft policies for various aspects of the company. Their experience and knowledge reflect in their decision-making policies that have propelled the success of the company to new heights. The team developed of employees developed by the company is another reason for it. Any organisation needs the right team to survive and reach pinnacle of success, and Ferreterro Tools LLP has done it. The company is proud of the team members it possesses. The talented pool of managers and professionals recruited by the company are the best in the business. Collectively they work with great enthusiasm and perseverance to manufacture the mechanical hand tools of the best quality. The managers are thorough professionals in their field, ensuring that the entire manufacturing process is carried out smoothly and without any hassles or mishaps. The team of workers working with the talented team of managers are another force to reckon with. These workers are highly knowledgeable of their craft and know what they have set out to do. These managers and workers work in perfect sync with each other putting in countless hours of hard work, toil and effort to manufacture masterpieces with metal. This team puts in tremendous thought and effort into the manufacturing process to eventually manufacture the best-quality mechanical hand tool. It is due to this high-quality effort and skills implemented by the team that the company’s revenue and success has scales to new heights. And it reflects in its rapid ascent in the market. In its relatively short run in the mechanical hand tools market, the company has inaugurated its offices in 9 major cities of India, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Jalandhar, Ahmadabad and Jaipur, with headquarters located in Sector 83, Noida, India. The company has secured the prestigious ISO 9001:2016 certification for itself, proving its high-quality services and results. Despite attaining such monumental success, company has no plans of stopping anytime soon and has exciting future plans for itself in service of the people of the country.

The manufacturing process of the Ratcheting Tool is a long and laborious process. The entire manufacturing process demands intense amount of planning, preparation and resources from its manufacturing team. The manufacturing process is a lengthy and intense one, which is expected considering the sheer complexity and usefulness of the ratchet hand tool. Multiple parameters are taken care of simultaneously by the entire manufacturing team involved in its manufacturing process. This is done by them to ensure that the ratchet tool they manufacture is of the highest quality and serves the purpose of its users well sans any problems.

1. Designing - The manufacturing process of the Ratcheting and pipe die tool begins with designing. Solidworks software is used for it.

2. Forging - Raw metal is collected and then heated in big industrial furnaces to melt to mould it in required shape.

3. Moulding - Molten metal is then taken out of furnace and moulded in rough dimensions for ease in the manufacturing process.

4. Shaping - Moulded metal is taken out of furnace and then moulded in the right shape of ratchet using cast mould.

5. Lathe machine - The prepared metal is then kept in lathe machine and then shaped like ratchet tool in right dimensions.

6. Grinding - Tool is given shiny look using grinding wheel. Grinding wheel polishes surface to smoothen and shine ratchet tool.

7. Annealing - Ratchet tool is annealed or heat treated by putting into intense heat (>1000 degree Celsius) to provide it strength.

8. Chemical treatment - Ratchet tool is placed in vibrating tub containing ceramic stones for polishing while coating with protective chemical layer.

9. Electroplating - Next, the ratchet tool is electroplated by submerging it in nickel-chromium solution, creating an extra protective layer on surface.

10. Anti-rust treatment - Ratchet hand tool is then further treated with chemical solution for protecting its surface against corrosion and rusting.

11. Assembly - Handle is attached to Ratcheting hand tool in this step of manufacturing process. This completes construction of ratchet tool.

12. Inspection - Assigned inspection officer inspects completed ratchet tool for any physical damage before giving a go-ahead for packaging and distribution.

13. Testing - Completed ratchet tool is then tested in multiple ways to test its quality by industrial standards before being packed.

14. Packaging - Finally, okayed ratchet tool is packed in company manufactured boxes carefully to avoid causing any damage to ratchet tool.

15. Transporting - Concludingly, Ratcheting tool is transported to the distributors to be sold to the invaluable customers for their daily use.

Ratchet Tool and pipe die set is an important hand tool for people to use and cherish. Ratchet tool is useful for people in multiple ways. Manufacturing process of the ratchet tool is a long and laborious one. Multiple processes are performed to manufacture high-quality ratcheting type hand tool.

For more details on ratchet and pipe set tool and for securing best-quality hand tools to satisfy your requirements, please visit Ferreterro Tools or call us on +91-9873020506. You’re invited at our office at Sector 83, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India for more details and booking hand tools at best prices!


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