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Jack Plane And Block Plane

Jack plane is a woodworking bench plane. It is used in mechanical workshops for dress the wood in preparation for edge-joining process. Jack plane is the most common work bench plane in use in the mechanical hand tool industry. It comes in 2 types –

1. Low angle bench plane

 2. Standard angle bench plane

Both of these types of bench planes work on the same principle, with varying working methodology. Since the bench plane comes in multiple types, its area of implementations and usefulness has also increased in the industry.  The jack plane is like a bench plane utilised for usual purposes. It can be used as a base for shaving a piece of wood to its smaller size until we achieve the desired shape and size. It ensures that such tasks are commenced and concluded successfully and safely. It is used in mechanical workshops for multiple purposes like trimming, breaking, shaping, etc. A jack plane is a sturdy, strong and reliable hand tool. It is used in industries like construction, mechanical, woodworking, sculpting etc. All these qualities make it an easy and comfortable hand tool to use, thus enhancing the overall user experience. Jack plane has major body parts –

1. Plane body, that acts as base for jack plane

2. Rear handle, that helps us grip the plane

3. Front knob, that controls the cutting depth of the iron

4. Frog, an adjustable iron wedge that holds the plane iron at the proper angle and allows it to be varied in depth relative to the sole

5. Lateral Blade Adjuster Lever, that skews the iron so that the depth of cut is uniform across the mouth

6. Frog Screws, an adjustable iron wedge that holds the plane iron at the proper angle and allows it to be varied in depth relative to the sole

7.  Mouth, an opening in the sole of the plane through which the blade extends, and through which wood shavings rise

8. Locking Screw, that holds the piece of metal at its place

9. Blade, which is a steel blade which cuts the wood

10. Lever Cap, that secures the cap iron and iron firmly to the frog

11. Lever, which pivots a sliding section of the forward end of the sole to adjust the gap in the plane's mouth. It is anchored to the threaded post of the knob and secured by tightening the knob

12. Lever Cap Locking Screw Hole, that secures the cap iron and iron firmly to the frog

13. Cap iron, that reinforces the iron and curls and breaks apart wood shavings as they pass through the mouth

14. Sole, which is the bottom face of the plane

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Jack plane and Block plane are essential and result-yielding forms of working bench plane. They are used to work on trimming and preparing multiple metals and materials. They come in multiple forms and shapes and sizes. They are sturdy and reliable hand tools and last a long time. 

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