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Ferreterro Tools LLP is the leading manufacturer of the best quality mechanical hand tools available in the country. Since its inception in 2016, the company has risen above all its competitors in the market to produce and distribute the hand tools of unparalleled quality and design to its customers. The company has put in immense amount of planning, designing, collecting and planning of resources, utilisation, manufacturing, testing and distribution strategies to come up with the hand tools whose quality and design are unmatchable and second to none in the world. The work going into all this is immense, but the company finds strength in the love and support of millions of its customers all across the country who are always supportive of the decisions of the company. The customers who are highly supportive of us and who are always eagerly looking forward to the next hand tool being manufactured and released by the company. The company is proud to have people possessing an unflinching support for the company and thus are regular and returning customers of its hand tools. The result of this love and support by the people, is the successful and rapid expansion of the company in 9 major cities of India in its relatively short run in the market. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Jalandhar, Ahmadabad and Jaipur, the people of all these cities are already reaping in immense benefits of utilising the company’s hand tools for executing their daily mechanical endeavours, with more names in the process of being added in this already highly decorated list of cities’ names. The company would also like to credit its immensely talented and hardworking team of professionals working as planning and manufacturing team of hand tools for its success. The company is proud to have an exceptionally talented team of professionals who are thoroughly professional and knowledgeable about their work. This team strives hard to make dream turn into reality. 

Ferreterro Tools LLP, located in Sector 83, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, is, thanks to its team of extremely talented and hardworking professionals, has proved worthy of the love and support shown by its millions of clients all across the country. The company has an effective management team that has ensured that its team follows a strict code of conduct while working, thus improving the overall efficiency of the company. The company also takes immense pride in its talented team of professionals who strive day and night, planning and designing the hand tools that are the best in every way possible. The proof of it, is the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification secured by the company for itself. The certification is an undeniable proof of the exceptional level of professionalism being followed at every strata of every department of the organisation. The company has already developed ambitious plans for its expansion and growth in the future. And with the quality of planning and work that the manufacturing team possesses and implements in its work, topped off with the love and support of its millions of clients all across the country, the company sees its plans transform into reality very soon. 

Punches come in 7 types -

1. Auto-centre punch

2. Prick punch

3. Starting punch

4. Pin punch

5. Aligning punch

6. Centre punch

7. Drift punch.

The manufacturing process of the punches being designed and developed by the company is a process that is long and laborious. The manufacturing process is a complex one involving multiple steps that require immense care and precision on the part of the manufacturing team. The manufacturing team is headed by the team of managers that supervise the entire process, ensuring the well-being of the professionals while ensuring the smooth movement and execution of the process. They have a well-thought and planned manufacturing process in place, following which ensures the creation of high-quality Punches for the customers. Following are the steps in the process - 

1. Designing - The manufacturing process of the punch tool begins with its designing process. Solidworks software is used by the engineers to design the required punch tool precisely. 

2. Forging - First, the raw metal is collected and melted in big industrial furnaces to be melted and used for the manufacturing process of the punch hand tool.

3. Forming - In this step of the manufacturing, the molten metal is appropriately treated to give it the desired shape and size of the punch hand tool. 

4. Annealing - The prepared punch tool is then annealed or heat treated in this step to give it the required strength and properties for successful rough industrial usage. 

5. Fine-scraping - The surface of the prepared punch tool is then finely scraped by the workers to identify and eliminate any physical deformity that might have crept in. 

6. Polishing - The surface of the prepared punch tool is then finely polished using the various industrial chemical solutions to give it a polished and shiny finished look. 

7. Testing - The prepared punch tool is then carefully tested using a machine called the hardometer that checks punch tool’s physical properties to approve it for industrial usage. 

8. Packaging - Finally, the prepared punch tool is then packed securely in the company boxes and then sent for distribution to the customers via the company’s distribution services.

The manufacturing process of Punch Tool is long and laborious process requiring immense precision and care from the manufacturers. The process needs to be executed with extreme care by both workers and managers to ensure that no mistake is committed and the hand tool comes out just fine.

For more details on the punch tool and other hand tools, please visit Ferreterro Tools or contact us on +91-9873020506. You’re invited to our office at Sector 83, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India to know more about punch tool and book it for yourself at best prices and unmatchable discounts!


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