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Ferreterro Tools LLP is best designer, manufacturer and distributor of mechanical hand tools for people of country. Located at Sector 83, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, company has achieved respectable success, recognition and accolades from scores of people across the country for its relentless and successful pursuit of success in the mechanical hand tools market. Since its inception in 2015, the company has been at the centre stage of the mechanical hand tools market of the country. It has cemented its place in the market as the undebatable and unique leader of this highly-competitive and unforgiving segment of the market.  The company has shown rapid growth in its sales and, ultimately success, in this field in its relatively short run in the market of mechanical hand tools, sprinting ahead of its far more experienced and competitors who are otherwise the giants of the markets. The company is extremely humbled by the extent of success it has attained in such a short span of time in the market. The company credits multiple reasons and people for this stupendous success attained by it. First and the foremost, the company would like to thank its clients and customers for this encouraging success attained by the company. The company is deeply humbled and extremely thankful to its clients and customers by this display of extreme and pure faith and love. The company would also like to thank its employees who work relentlessly day and night with nothing but one simple and focussed goal. To design, make and prepare mechanical hand tools that can be described by nothing but only one word. ‘best’. The company is extremely happy to have the best pool of talent in the industry. The employees are hired after undergoing a strict and well-structured recruitment process designed with great care and concern, targeting every necessary aspect that needs to be known about an employee to ascertain whether he is fit for the organisation or not. The result of this stringent hiring process, is the hiring of the best talent from the country who believe in putting in their 200 percent in every task they are assigned with. The result of having this energetic and encouraging workforce, has been the establishment of offices in 9 different cities of country, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Jalandhar, Ahmadabad and Jaipur, with more names in the process of being added soon. Customer satisfaction is our motto, and we swear by it in every action of ours! The company has exciting plans for its future that involves setting up offices and manufacturing units not only in different cities of India but also abroad, and company is really excited to serve more people!

Manufacturing process of lubricating tool is a complicated and long process requiring pre planning, massive use of complex and expensive resources and heavy machinery requiring extreme care, extreme care and intense concentration from the entire team involved, be it the workers, managers or engineers, to ensure that they come up with the best-quality lubricating tool for the machines. The process is a complex one, thus everyone involved in the process has to put in his best efforts to develop the lubricating oil of the supreme most quality.  

The steps are of this complex manufacturing process are -

1. Drilling - The manufacturing process for the lubricating oil tool starts with the first process known as the drilling process. In this step, various locations are identified and marked at the suitable reservoir by the engineers and workers. Then, the crude oil is drilled out to be used as the lubricating oil form there.

2. Annealing - Next, the crude oil found in the marked reservoirs is identified in reservoir by digging a deep hole in Earth’s surface. Then, a big pipe is inserted which extracts the oil from the surface by applying high pulling pressure into the ground. Then, oil is burned at high temperature to purify it.

3. Distillation - Further in the lubrication manufacturing process, the extracted oil from the Earth’s surface is subjected to the next step in the manufacturing process by putting it in the distillation column. Distillation column or chamber extracts multiple components out of raw oil by heating it at different temperatures at different levels of chamber. 

4. Aromatics removal - Next, the aromatics compounds are separated from the extracted crude oil obtained from the dug oil reservoirs. Aromatics are the hydrocarbon compounds found in every crude oil extracted from surface. Aromatics are very toxic compounds for humans. Thus, they are removed from the oil before deeming oil fit for human use.

5. Purification - The oil obtained after conducting the procedures on it that are mentioned in previous points is almost ready to be deemed fit for use by the humans for their convenience and well-being. As the last step of process, the oil is purified further by removing polar components and adding minerals in it.

6. Finishing - Finally, when all the abovementioned steps are conducted on crude oil extracted from surface, the it is chemically-treated one last time to add quality to it. This enhances it usability for humans. Colour and odour are also added in the oil in this step. Then, it is transported for usage by people.  

Lubricating tool is a very important, essential and something that is an integral part of mechanical industries all around the world. Lubricants Tools are important because they keep the mechanical hand tools in best health. It is used so that the mechanical hand tools can work without facing physical problems.

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