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Impact Sockets Set Wrench Tool

Impact socket sets and wrench tool suppliers in India 


Impact sockets are highly recommended hand tools manufactured by Jhalani hand tools manufacturers and wholesalers. The impact socket ensures safety by withstanding the vibration and shock of each impact thus prolonging the life of the socket and avoiding any severe damage to the anvil. 

1.12.5MM (1/2”) Drive Bihex/Hex Socket Sets

12.5MM (1/2”) Drive Bihex/Hex Socket Sets Spanner is a one-piece wrench with a circular opening on both ends, highly useful for loosening and fastening at the same time. The ends are generally oriented at an angle of around 15 degrees to the longitudinal axis of the handle. 

Here are the specific features of Jhalani Drive Bihex/Hex Socket Sets :

  • Highly recommended in enclosed spaces

  • Grips two opposite faces of the bolt or nut.

  • Drop forged for better durability

  • Made of High-grade steel alloy

  • Available in all hex sizes

  • Chrome-plated body to reduce wear and tear

2. 12.5MM (1/2”) Drive Sockets Attachment (Special Alloy Steel)

12.5MM (1/2”) Drive Sockets Attachment(Special Alloy Steel) has a one-piece wrench with multiple hex socket attachments which are needed for every kind of mechanical work.

Here are the Features of Jhalani handtools:

  • Drive sockets with 12 points(Bi-hex) / 6 points(hex) to give maximum torque

  • ½ "sockets are used for heavy mechanical work

  • These are used to open massive nuts with great torque

  • Made of high-grade steel alloy with a polished mirror finish

  • Corrosion-resistant to increase durability

  • Ratchet wrench with long handle for good grip

  • Multiple Deep sockets for protruding bolts sizes

  • Drop forged for increased strength


19MM(3/4'')Square drive Bihex and Hex sockets are widely used in the automobile and other heavy industries. It has a socket length of 19mm deep and can withstand a high level of torque. 

There are two types: 

  • Hex/6 point sockets 

  • Bi-hex/12-point sockets(double-hex).

Here are the features of Jhalani Hex Sockets:

  • 12-point sockets have 12 angles in the bolt end. 6-point sockets have 6 

  • 12-point socket for lighter work and 6-point socket for heavy jobs

  • Give maximum grip during tightening and loosening.

  • Forged from high-grade steel alloy to give strength

  • Scientifically heat treated to give maximum firmness


25mm(1'') Square drive impact sockets are ideal high torque applications needed in heavy mechanical and maintenance work.

Here are the features of Jhalani impact sockets:

  • Best employed in fastening the bolts installed in tough mechanical instruments.

  • Tempered and anodised drive impact sockets for corrosion resistance.

  • Can be used both in wood workshops as well as mechanical workshops.

  • Made of high-quality steel alloy for enhanced durability


12.5MM(1/2)Drive Bi-hex and Hex sockets are best for loosening tough and rusted bolts as these need complete grip overhead. Bihex Sockets drive the corners of the nut/bolt hence apply for the required torque and help in loosening and fastening tough bolts.

 Here are the features of Jhalani hand tools:

  • Chrome vanadium steel allows durability and strength

  • Nickel chrome plated prevents corrosion 

  • Heavy-duty plastic rack to keep the set safe and properly placed 

  • 12 points of Bi-hex sockets can fit any nut/bolt head and are highly recommended for space-restricted rotational work. 

  • Optimum torque avoids deforming the head of the bolt.


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