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Chisels Hand Tool

Chisel is the oldest known handtool to mankind. It is a compact-sized hand tool with  sharpened metal edge which helps in cutting, sculpting, scraping, or shaping stone, wood, and other metals.

There are three types of chiesel hand tools available at Jhalani handtools:


Cutting Chisels are the best shaping tools needed for any mechanical work.

Features of Jhalani Chiesel hand tools-

  • Octagonal edges to give proper grip

  • Made from high-grade steel and drop-forged.    

  •  Phosphated and painted to provide anti-rusting. 

        2. FLAT CHISEL

Flat Chisels are needed for carpentry, woodcarving, metal cutting as well as slicing and removing nails.


           Here are the features of Jhalani Flat Chiesel hand tools:

  • These have a sharp cutting edge with a bevel on the upper side. 

  • Flat Chiesel are usually made from forged steel

  • Corrosion-resistant painted finish makes it an attractive hand tool


         3.  FORGED CHISEL

 Forged Chisels quenched and tempered to give the best shaping tools.

 Here are the features of Jhalani forged Chisel Hand Tools:


  • Multipurpose octagonal forged chisel allows dressing, shaping or cutting of hard material.

  • The octagonal shape makes it very balanced in hand and is delivered with the edge sharpened and polished.

  • Forged chisels are Drop forged 


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