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Jhalani, Jhalani Tools, FLAT CHISEL


Selected Steel, Induction Hardened & Tempered, HSN-8205

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Flat Chisels are the best shaping tools needed for any mechanical work or wood work.


 Here are the features of Jhalani hand tools:

  • Flat chisels are recommended for every mechanical work for cutting, slicing and removing nails.
  • Best combination of hardness and toughness these chisels are robust and durable. .
  • Made from high grade steel and corrosion resistant.
  • Differential heat treatment for cutting edge, and striking end, ensure long life. 
  • Bright blue, painted finish makes it attractive hand tool


 Ferreterro Tools offers this genuine product available in specified size. We are the leading manufacturers and exporters of flat Chisel.


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