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Feeler Gauge

Feeler gauge is a hand tool that is used to measure the gap width between any two parts of the body that are situated close to each other in the system. It is basically a hand tool used to measure distances. Thanks to its usefulness, it has been modified into 5 types –

1. Straight leaf feeler gauge

2. Tapered feeler gauge 

3. Double ended feeler gauge

4. Offset feeler gauge

 5. Feeler strip gauge.

All these types of gauges work on the same principle, with varying working methodologies. Since the feeler gauge comes in so many types, its area of implementation and usefulness have also increased. It is used to measure the gap between two bodies or parts of the body that are situated close to each other. It is also used as a filler tool to visualize the gap between the two points when filled with any other hand tool or material. They are used in multiple industries like aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, mechanical, and more! A feeler gauge is a lightweight, easy-to-use, handy, and durable hand tool. All these qualities make it an easy and comfortable hand tool to use, thus enhancing the overall user experience.

Feeler gauge usually has 2 major body parts –

1. Body

2. Blades.

The body acts as a protective case for the blades to keep them safe from damage. The blades come in varying sizes and are used to measure the gap. They are usually made of steel or aluminum. They are usually silver in color. We at Ferreterro Tools LLP understand the usefulness of this hand tool for our customers. Thus, to make your shopping experience easier, we have good news for you! We present to you, our online booking service on the website! Now, shop for your favorite hand tool from the comfort of your home and save your time and energy! Book and receive your order at your home within 24 hours using our super-fast delivery services. The customer is God for us, and this is our offering to him!

The feeler gauge is a useful hand tool for its users. It is used to measure the gap between any two points between different bodies or between two points in a system. The feeler gauge comes with blades of varying sizes, making it easier for the user to measure the gap. 
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