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C-Type Half Moon (Ring Spanner)

C-Type Half Moon (Ring Spanner)

Apologies, but I couldn't find any information about a specific tool called "C-Type Crescent Ring Wrench" in my training data. This particular tool may be lesser known or a specialized tool used in a specific industry or region. However, based on the name you provided, it's likely that "Type C crescent ring spanner" refers to a ring spanner with a C-shaped or crescent-shaped head. 

This type of wrench is designed to fit nuts or bolts in tight or confined spaces where a regular straight-ring spanner may not have enough room to maneuver. The C, or crescent, shape allows the wrench to fit laterally to the nut or bolt head, making it easier to access and apply torque. This can be especially useful when working in confined areas or when dealing with obstacles that prevent the use of a straight ring spanner. If you have more specific details or context about the Type C Crescent Ring Wrench" you are referring to, I may be able to assist further.

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C-Type Ring Spanners are highly recommended for hard-to-reach areas in any mechanical work.

Here are the features of Jhalani Spanners:

  • Best for hard-to-reach machine bolts
  • Made of high-quality steel alloy adds to it durability
  • Comes in multiple ring sizes
  • Excellent grip to fasten and tighten tough bolts
  • Drop forged and perfect tough mechanical jobs


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