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Flare Nut Wrench Flare Nut Wrench Flare Nut Wrench Flare Nut Wrench Flare Nut Wrench Flare Nut Wrench

Flare Nut Wrench

Chrome Vanadium Steel Dull Matte Chrome Plated, HSN 8204

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Flare nut wrenches are indispensable tools for any big or small mechanical job. 

Here are the features of Jhalani spanners:

  • Made up of best quality steel alloy
  • Corrosion-resistant metal for product longevity
  • Sturdy handle which is easy to hold
  • Highly durable and good tensile strength
  • Exceptional grip over the nuts and fittings
  • Best for tightening or loosening hexagonal nuts and fittings
  • Versatile tool widely used in the automobile industry

FerreterroTools is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Flare nut wrenches. 


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A flare nut wrench, also known as a monkey wrench or crow's foot wrench, is a specialized tool used to tighten or loosen flare nuts and fittings. It is commonly used in plumbing and automotive applications where there are flared connections. The Flare Nut Wrench has a unique design that allows it to grip the sides of a flare nut, providing a secure grip when applying torque. It usually has a six- or twelve-point opening that matches the size of the flare nut you are working on.

The wrench is open on one side to fit the nut and has a closed end on the other side, allowing the nut to be held without slipping. This design helps prevent rounding off the corners of the nut, which can occur when using a regular wrench. Flare nut wrenches are available in various sizes to accommodate the different sizes of nuts commonly found on hoses, automotive brake lines, and fuel lines. They are often made from high-quality steel to provide durability and strength. When using a flare wrench, it is important to position it correctly on the nut and apply force in the correct direction to avoid damaging the nut or fitting. It is also essential to use the correct size wrench for the nut you are working on to ensure a proper fit and minimize the risk of nut slippage or rounding. In general, flare wrenches are invaluable tools for working with flare nuts and fittings, providing a secure grip and minimizing the risk of damage when tightening or loosening.


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