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Jhalani, Jhalani Tools, Single Ended Open Jaw Spanner Tools
Single Ended Open Jaw Spanner Tools Single Ended Open Jaw Spanner Tools

Single Ended Open Jaw Spanner Tools

Available in Burnished Finish, Generally Confirming to IS 4508-1992, Chrome Vanadium Steel,  HSN-8204

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Single-Ended Open Jaw A spanner has an optimum jaw size to fit into nuts perfectly and it is an important part of the hand tools catalog.


Here are the specific features of Jhalani tools:

  • Perfect for opening tenacious nuts or bolts. 
  • Drop forged to give strength and durability
  •  Made of best quality steel alloy
  • Handle-to-jaw ratio is optimal for giving good grip
  • Used in every kind of mechanical work


Ferreterro Tools are the leading manufacturers and exporters of Single Ended Open Jaw Spanner.

Order your set today and do the job, all by yourself!

A single-ended wrench, also known as a single-ended spanner or spanner, is a type of tool used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts. It has a U-shaped opening at one end, which allows it to fit the hex or square heads of nuts and bolts. Unlike a double-ended wrench, which has two differently sized openings at opposite ends, a single-ended wrench has a single opening at one end. 

This means it can only be used for a specific size of nut or bolt. The open jaw design of the wrench allows you to easily slide onto the fastener from the side. This makes it convenient for use in tight spaces or when working with long studs where it may not be possible to engage the fastener from above. Single-ended open-ended wrenches come in several sizes, each of which is designed to fit a specific range of nut or bolt sizes.

 It is important to select the correct wrench size to match the fastener you are working with to ensure proper fit and avoid damaging the fastener. These types of wrenches are commonly used in auto repair, machine maintenance, plumbing, and other applications where fasteners need to be tightened or loosened. They provide a quick and convenient way to work with nuts and bolts without the need to change the position of the tool.


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