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Combination Open & Box End Wrenches Combination Open & Box End Wrenches

Combination Open & Box End Wrenches

Made of selected steel, Chrome Plated, Fully Hardened & Tempered, Generally Confirming to IS-6389-1972

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 Combination Open and Box End Wrenches are easy-to-use Hand tools for quick loosening and tightening of bolts.


Here are the specific features of Jhalani tools:

  • Made of high-grade steel alloy with a chromium finish
  • Box end holds the bolt firmly and open end jaw fasten it further with ease
  • Employed in all kinds of small and heavy industries
  • Highly durable and long-lasting product
  • One piece with multiple features


Ferreterro Tools are the leading manufacturers and exporters of Combination Open & Box end Wrenches in India.


Order your set today and grow in your work!

Box and open-ended combination wrenches, also known as combination wrenches or crescent wrenches, are versatile tools commonly used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts. They have two different ends: one end features an open jaw and the other end has a closed box-shaped jaw. 

The open jaw end of the combination wrench has a U-shaped opening that allows it to insert into the fastener from the side. This design is useful for quickly attaching the fastener in tight spaces or where accessibility from above is limited.

The end of the key has a closed box shape with a specific number of sides, usually six or twelve, depending on the design of the key. The box end provides a more secure grip on the fastener and minimizes the risk of slipping or corner rounding. The advantage of combination wrenches is that they offer the convenience of two different types of wrenches in one tool. 

The open jaw end provides speed and accessibility, while the box end offers a more secure grip and increased torque application. Combination wrenches come in various sizes, with each end typically designed for a specific size of nut or bolt. It is important to select the correct wrench size to match the fastener you are working with to ensure proper fit and avoid damaging the fastener. 

In general, socket and open-ended combination wrenches are versatile tools that combine the advantages of an open-ended spanner and a socket spanner. They are commonly used in the automotive, mechanical and other industries where nuts and bolts need to be tightened or loosened.


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