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Jhalani, Jhalani Tools, COBBLER PINCER


Induction Hardened & Tempered, In Selected Steel

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Cobbler Pincer is essential workman handtools highly recommended for carpenters and woodwork needed for removing rivets, snaps or nails.


Here are the features of the Jhalani cobbler pincer:

  • It has fully induction hardened cutters.

  • The claw present at the end helps to remove nails.

  • It is made up of high-grade carbon steel

  • Here the claw at the end of the pincer helps to remove nails.

  • It has a double color-cushioned grip that provides comfort in use.

Ferreterro Tools are the leading manufacturer and exporter of  Cobbler pincer.

Order your set today and make your woodwork work easy. 


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