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Jhalani, Jhalani Tools, Water Pump Plier Tool Supplier
Water Pump Plier Tool Supplier

Water Pump Plier Tool Supplier

Selected Steel,  Generally Confirming to IS-6118-1991, Chrome Plated With Polished Head 

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A water pump plier is mainly used to cut thick metal in plumbing, automotive, and household applications.


Here are the features of Jhalani water pump Pliers Supplier:

  •  It has a serrated jaw that helps in good gripping, holding, and turning bolts, and pipes.

  •  It is also used to cut thick pieces of metal into two more pieces safely, efficiently, and quickly.

  • This plier is available in both curved jaw and square jaw. 

  • The plier can be adjusted according to the requirement without increasing the distance between the handles.

  •  This is very helpful in tightening or loosening nuts where access is difficult.

Ferreterro Tools are the leading manufacturer and exporter of  Water pump pliers Supplier

Order your set today and make your turning and gripping of bolts easy.


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