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Allen key Manufacturer in India
21 Jan 2022

Allen key Manufacturer in India

  • Posted by : Jhalani Hand Tools

The recent industrial boom witnessed a significant riser in the numbers of Allen key manufacturer in India. And the rise isn’t something one can just term ‘accidental’ and write off. There are multiple important and noteworthy reason for this sudden appearance of so many Allen key manufacturer in India that are complimenting the rise in numbers of Hand Tools Manufacturers in Noida. The allen key is a very useful and widely-used mechanical hand tool not just in India but all around the world. Allen key is also known as hex key thanks to its hexagonal-shaped head from where it gets this name. The allen key is probably the most lightweight and the smallest in size mechanical hand tool in use by the people. It is usually made of aluminium or steel.

The Allen key tool consists of 2 parts - 1. The head, and, 2. The body, that is gripped to turn the hex key in either direction. The head of the bolt is fixed in the head of the allen key tool. The tool is then held by its body by the user and turned in either direction as per the requirement to do the required work to achieve the desired result. The allen key has no moving part, which further adds on to its ease of usage and makes it a favourite of everyone working actively in this field. The allen key is extremely lightweight and small in size, so much so that anyone can just slide it in his pocket and go around without any problem or anyone else knowing about the allen key tool present in your pocket.

The entire manufacturing process of the Allen key tool consists of 10 parts - 1. Collecting, 2. Cutting, 3. Grooving, 4. Bending, 5. Annealing, 6. Washing, 7. Polishing, 8. Coating, 9.  Inspecting, and finally 10. Packaging. Thus, as you can see, the manufacturing process of the allen key tool is not an easy task to accomplish at all. In fact, on the contrary, it is a pretty taxing and time-consuming process that involves an immense amount of planning, resources and manpower to manufacture the allen key tool in its best quality, shape and form. Today, although there are multiple Allen key manufacturer in the Allen key scene, there are only a handful that manufacture worthy allen key tools. There is a plethora of Hand Tools Manufacturers in Noida that are active and manufacturing the mechanical hand tools, but then, giving the customers the mechanical hand tools of the best quality at the lowest price is what that matters, and most of the companies falter at this point.

But not Ferreterro Tools LLP, and this is why it is the best Hand Tools Manufacturers in Noida. The company has multiple undeniable reasons that justifies its reign on this market and the glorious title of being the best Hand Tools Manufacturers in Noida and, subsequently, India. The company holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification. This prestigious certification is a testimony of the trust of millions of customers all around the country that the company has earned thanks to its high-quality mechanical hand tools at the lowest price. The company deploys the latest technology in the manufacturing of mechanical hand tools and the resulting hand tool is such loved that it makes the company the most sought-after by the customers, making it best Allen key manufacturer in India.


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