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Perfect Pliers and Hand Tools for Your Everyday Work
01 Feb 2024

Perfect Pliers and Hand Tools for Your Everyday Work

  • Posted by : Jhalani

Hand tools are of paramount importance in our daily lives. We need tools to fix electrical and mechanical things in homes, offices or any other sphere of life but the usability of hand tools depends on their quality and design. Pliers Hand tools by Jhalani manufacturers and suppliers are highly recommended in our daily lives are Pliers and pipe wrenches. Pliers are hand-operated tools often used for gripping, holding, bending or cutting of small stuff and wires whereas pipe wrenches are used for holding or turning pipes, circular bars or bolts. Hand tools are operated by our muscular strength so their design is such that they put the least stress on our hands and we can use them with ease. Pliers and Plier wrench prices may vary depending upon the quality of material used in the manufacturing of the tool and at Jhalani, one can get the best-engineered hand tools made up of insulating material which is lightweight and has high tensile strength.

Pliers and pipe wrenches are made up of steel alloy which prevents them from corrosion as well as gives them the required strength and durability. We have a wide range of Pliers and pipe wrenches such as adjustable spanners and pipe wrenches, Stillson pipe wrenches, heavy-duty pipe wrenches made up of aluminium alloy, chain pipe wrenches etc. These pipe wrenches vary in size and are used as per the requirement in different industries like chain pipe wrench is used for pipes of larger diameter while an adjustable pipe wrench is used for small diameter pipes. Jhalani Tools has a competitive pipe wrench price and offers other hand tools of the best quality. These pipe wrenches are adjustable tightening hand tools with almost no backlash jaw pressure that prevents damage to the edges of sensitive components hence very much suitable for sophisticated pieces. Parallel jaws in pipe wrenches give a more solid grip while allowing the flexible adjustment of all widths up to the specified maximum size. Jhalani Tools offers pipe wrenches made up of selected chrome-vanadium steel allowing it the strength of carbon and insulation which is the foremost requirement of any electrical work.

Another important hand tool that has replaced traditional scissors is pliers. These are the best tools for holding, gripping, rotating, cutting or opening of things and wires. We have a wide range of pliers like Long nose pliers, wire strippers, circlip pliers, diagonal cutting pliers, slip joint pliers, vice joint pliers, cobbler pincers etc. One important thing to be considered while using pliers is safety and it is ensured once the handle surface of the plier is textured and non-slippery. Different pliers have different usages slip joint pliers having grooved jaws are employed where there is a need for gripping whereas diagonal pliers are used where there is a need for cutting wires and small pins that cannot be reached by large cutting mechanical tools. Use the best quality hand tools and make your tough mechanical task easy with Jhalani tools.


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