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Allen key sets for Tough Screws
14 Mar 2023

Allen key sets for Tough Screws

  • Posted by : Jhalani Tools

Handtools are as important as raw material in any business as without them, even a small task of loosening or tightening a screw would look mammoth.  Being a leading hand tools manufacturer and supplier, we are trying to manufacture high-quality hand tools so that our customers can get durable hand tools at budget-friendly prices.

For loosening and fastening tough screws, we need some specific hand tools. Allen key sets are very specific hand tools mostly used by professional contractors or builders for loosening and fastening tough screws.

 Ferreterro Handtools (Jhalani) manufacture Allen keys with different head sizes ranging in millimetres metric-sized or keys in fractions of an inch so that screws of various sizes can be fastened or loosened. These keys are also called Hex keys as they have a driver for bolts/screws with heads having internal hexagonal sockets.


 Inspired by the events of rapid industrialization, Jhalani hand tools came into existence in the year 1986. With a vision to provide the best quality hand tools at competitive pricing, we are manufacturing high-quality hand tools. Our wide range of products enables our customers to choose any handtool of their need and purpose under one roof. We are trying to reach every part of the globe with our reliable hand tools technology.


 We deal in a wide range and variety of steel alloy and non-sparking tools in a complete toolbox. You can get C-clamps, hammers, bench work, chisel, spanners, Impact wrenches, Impact sockets, Bearing pullers, spanners, jack planes, drills etc. at Jhalani handtools.

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