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Best pliers and hammer tool in the Country
12 Sep 2021

Best pliers and hammer tool in the Country

  • Posted by : Jhalani Hand Tools

Hammer tool is easily oldest hand tool the humans used. Hammer tool is enjoying its existence since centuries. Such is the popularity and impact of hammer tool that it has still not lost its relevance amongst people. It is an integral part of hand tool kits all around the world already having so many hand tools like plier tool, wrench tool, screwdriver tool and more. The manufacturing process of the hammer tool is a long, complex and arduous one, with multiple steps to be performed and taken care of. The steps are -

Hammer tool head manufacturing process

1. Forging – Metal is collected and burnt in big furnaces as first step in manufacturing process for construction of head of hammer tool. 

2. Cutting –Prepared metal is cut into small pieces that are later shaped to look like the head of hammer tool.

3. Annealing – Prepared hammer tool is subjected to high temperatures in massive-sized industrial furnaces to provide strength to it.

4. Rolling – Prepared head of hammer tool undergoes rolling process to remove external impurity sticking to hammer tool. 

5. Polishing – Edges of head of hammer hand tool are smoothened by polishing to give it finished look.

Hammer tool handle manufacturing process

1. Cutting – Large amount of wood is taken and cut roughly to somewhat resemble handle of hammer tool.

2. Lathe – Workpiece is attached to lathe machine and then cut and shaped it accordingly.

3. Polishing – Prepared handle is checked for any deformities and then polished. That gives a shining look to hammer tool.  

4. Assembly – In this final step of manufacturing, parts of hammer hand tool are finally assembled together to give it its final shape and look.

5. Packaging – Finally, hammer tool is packed in company-marked boxes and then sent out to be sold to customers for utilisation.

Hammer hand tool is easily the most important and widely-used hand tool in the world today.  Such is the impact and popularity of this hand tool that it is now made of multiple metals and materials to suit the needs of everybody. Ferreterro Tools LLP understands its importance for the people, and thus has launched multiple variants of hammer tool at service of customers to satisfy their requirements.


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