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Exploring the Best Hammer Tool in India
26 Aug 2021

Exploring the Best Hammer Tool in India

  • Posted by : Jhalani Hand Tools

Hammer tool is arguably the oldest and the most important hand tool available at the service of the human beings. A hand tool tracing its existence millennials back almost to the emergence of the human beings on the planet Earth, hammer tool is considered to be the most important hand tool one can keep in his hand tool kit. And there are plenty of unavoidable reasons for this. Hammer tool is useful in a plethora of ways. It is used for breaking, joining, reshaping, inspecting and sculpting various materials, both metals as well as nonmetals.  Hammer price in India is pocket-friendly. Hammer tool has multiple advantages for its user.

Hammer tool has a very simple design. It doesn’t have any moving parts or mechanisms which makes it easy for almost anyone to use this hand tool for facilitating own’s work. It doesn’t require much service or care as well from the owner, making it a prime choice to buy and keep for people. It has a handy design which makes it easy for user to hold, swing and use it. That’s why there are multiple hammer types available in the world for people to choose and use from. Hammer price in India is usually cheap to make it accessible to people. Hammer hand tool consists of 2 parts –

1. Hammer head, and

2. Handle. The manufacturing process of both the part is different, with different materials and manufacturing steps used in the manufacturing of both parts to ultimately join them together to create the completed hammer tool. The manufacturing process of the head of the hammer tool consists of the following steps –

1. Forging,

2. Cutting,

 3. Annealing,

4. Rolling and

5. Polishing. To create the handle of the hammer hand tool, following steps are implemented, in this particular order –

1. Cutting,

 2. Lathe,

 3. Polishing,

4. Assembly and

5. Packaging. All these steps when performed in their true sense and in the right order by professionals under the watchful eyes of the manager who handles the responsibility of supervising the entire process, results in the creation of the hammer hand tool. Ferreterro Tools LLP is the market leader in this segment, producing and distributing best hand tools to people since years.


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