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Exploring the Top Spanners and the Best Hand Tools Manufacturing
22 Sep 2021

Exploring the Top Spanners and the Best Hand Tools Manufacturing

  • Posted by : Jhalani Hand Tools

Spanner tool is a very important hand tool for the people who indulge regularly in the tasks related to the mechanical industry. Spanner tool proves to be useful for user in various ways. The spanner tool is used to effectively grip the bolts and pipes installed in various systems and turn them in either clockwise or anti-clockwise direction as per the requirement. This is possible due to the handy design of the spanner that makes it easy for the user to grip and use it. This makes it an instant favourite of the users for executing such tasks.

The spanner comes in various sizes and lengths. This gives the user plenty of options to see and choose from, adding to the tool’s already long list of advantages. The spanner tool is made of steel, which gives it the required strength to withstand the harsh treatment it would undergo while being used in the mechanical settings. The manufacturing process of the spanner tool is a long and arduous one involving multiple steps that are required to be performed carefully and perfectly to ensure a perfect spanner tool while safeguarding the health of the workers involved in the manufacturing process. The steps involved in the manufacturing process of the spanner tool are - 1. Forging, 2. Moulding, 3. Trimming, 4. Milling, 5. Tempering, 6. Chemical treatment, 7. Electroplating, 8. Oxidation coating, 9. Anti-rusting treatment, 10. Assembly, 11. Moulding, 12. Inspection, 13. Testing, and 14. Packaging.

All these steps, when performed in the right order and way, result in the manufacturing of a string and durable spanner tool. Clearly, the manufacturing process of the spanner tool is a long and complex process that is difficult to execute and master. Thus, there aren’t many companies out there in the mechanical hand tools’ industry that provide these tools and services to the customers. Because doing that requires skill and resources, and companies usually lack one or both. But not Ferreterro Tools LLP, the leading hand tools manufacturer in India. Ferreterro Tools LLP is the leader in the hand tools segment in market. Company has long and successful track record of manufacturing and distribution of hand tools to the customers in the country.


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