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The Top Most Branded Tools Manufacturing Company in India
05 Oct 2021

The Top Most Branded Tools Manufacturing Company in India

  • Posted by : Jhalani Hand Tools

Hand tools  have proved to be a useful and compulsory companion for the people that are working in the mechanical or similar form of industries. Since the earliest of days, humans have invented, developed and used modern-day hand tools in one form or the other depending upon the advancement of technology at that point of time in the world. Hammer is considered to be first hand tool to be discovered and used by humans, and the other hand tools like spanners, wrench, pliers, pipe wrench, hammer, screwdriver, allen key and more soon followed suit. But the earliest forms of hand tools look nothing like what they look and work like today. Thanks to the changing demands and technology over a period of several years, people started to feel the need to upgrade these hand tools. As the technology developed, so did this domain, and soon it was turned into a full-fledged business by the sharp-eyed and sharp-minded businessmen of high acumen who were quick to spot a business opportunity in this field. Thus, over the course of several years under changing times, needs and technology, several companies claiming to be specialising in the designing, development and distribution of these mechanical hand tools, namely spanners, wrench, pliers, pipe wrench, hammer, screwdriver, allen key and more, emerged all around the world. India too saw There was emergence of several hand tools manufacturing companies in India as well that were trying to cash in on the rapidly growing need of the people to procure and use high-quality hand tools. But none of those companies could show the level of growth, success and customer satisfaction as Ferreterro Tools LLP, the best hand tool manufacturer in India in the present times and the future as well! 

Initiated in the year 2016, Ferreterro Tools LLP, located in Sector 83, Noida Uttar Pradesh, India, has emerged as a gamechanger in hand tools manufacturing industry in multiple ways, setting examples for its competitors. In an industry where the major emphasis of the companies is on cost-cutting on the manufactured products, even if it means cutting back on the quality of the product, Ferreterro Tools LLP company is a ‘classic yet rare’ example of a company that maintains the best quality in its hand tools like spanners, wrench, pliers, pipe wrench, hammer, screwdriver, allen key and more while also providing them to the public at a reasonable cost. This is one of the numerous positive qualities of the company that makes it the best in the industry. Here is a detailed, exhaustively-explained list of hand tools manufactured by the company -

1. Spanners - Spanners are useful hand tools used in multiple ways for multiple tasks. Spanners are used for tasks like gripping fasteners, tightening or loosening them, working with pipes and more. Spanners are handy hand tool that can be held and used easily by the users, thus explaining spanner’s popularity.

2. Wrench - Wrench is a useful and sturdy hand tool. Wrench is an integral part of hand tools kit thanks to its multiple useful properties. Wrench is used for completing important tasks like gripping, fastening, turning, tightening and loosening things like pipes, pipe fittings, nuts and bolts.

3. Pliers - Pliers are the best hand tool to use when dealing with wires. Pliers are the best for splicing, cutting, twisting one or multiple wires together. It has a ‘easy to grip’ design and sharp teeth to make effective grip from the other end. Pliers are sturdy, handy, strong hand tools that come in varying sizes.

4. Pipe wrench - Pipe wrench tool is a very sturdy hand tool. It is used for gripping and turning pipes in either direction to tighten or loosen it as per the requirement. The pipe wrench consists of mouth to grip the pipe and a long handle to get a proper and strong grip over the pipe.

5. Hammer - Hammer is easily the oldest hand tool to be discovered and used by man. Hammer has been in use since centuries, and that proves its efficiency and usefulness. Hammer is used for multiple purposes like breaking, joining, reshaping, designing and many more. Hammer comes in multiple shapes and forms made of multiple materials as per requirement of the customer. Its design and materials have evolved over the years to suit the needs and technological advancements of that era.

6. Screwdriver - Screwdriver tool is a very handy and useful hand tool for the users. Screwdriver has become a core component of the mechanical hand tool kits today. A hand tool sans any complex mechanism, it can be used easily by anybody. Screwdriver tool proves useful in tightening or loosening of bolts and performing quality checks on systems by the people.

7. Allen key - Allen key is easily the smallest and the most lightweight hand tool in existence today used by the people all around the world. Allen key is used for multiple important tasks. It is used for tightening or loosening bolts with hexagonal heads installed in the systems. Allen key is very lightweight and easy to carry around in pockets, thus enhancing allen key’s usefulness.

Very rarely do we see a company providing a high-quality product or service to the people without charging an amount so hefty and obnoxious that is sure to burn a big hole in your pocket. Ferreterro Tools LLP takes special care of this point. In fact, a major percentage of the customers of Ferreterro Tools LLP are returning customers who are so happy and motivated by quality and price of hand tools provided to them by Ferreterro Tools LLP. The company is highly humbled by the immense success it has attained thanks to such amazing love and unconditional support from its loyal customers. The company credits its workforce and its disciplined approach towards the work for the company’s undisputed reign in the market. Every level of the workforce, ranging from workers to managers to engineers to upper-level management knows what is expected of them and lives up to those expectations perfectly. The management of Ferreterro Tools LLP takes every decision keeping a ‘customer first’ policy in the mind. The managers appointed to overlook the work are extremely professional and proficient in their work. They are quick thinkers, efficient planners, perfect managers, alert and sharp while on duty, take good care of the people working for them and thus deliver high-quality hand tools for the customers to use. Technicians and workers deployed at work are also the best in the industry. These workers undergo strict recruitment test and only after they pass it are they recruited in the company. The company takes extreme care of recruiting the best from the rest, and the result is clearly visible in the quality of our hand tools. 

How does the company achieve this? There are multiple reasons for it, each explaining a vital quality about the company -

1. ‘Customer centric’ policies - Every business that is being established with the intent of helping the customer with his problem and solving it should have ‘customer centric’ policies for its customers. The customer is indeed the king of the market, and it is also the ’kingmaker’ and ‘ruiner’ of the market. Ferreterro Tools LLP completely understands and respect this. Thus, every policy drafted by our company is in the service of the people with the intent of making their experience with the company a memorable one. For us, ‘Customer is God’ indeed, and it shows in our company policies. 

2. Highly qualified management - No business can survive, let alone work in the service of the people if it doesn’t have successful brains running it with best intentions using best strategies. Ferreterro Tools LLP understands this. And thus, the company has a management that is undoubtedly best in business. Our management consists of leading business personalities that are the ‘gamechangers’ of the field. Their business acumen is sharp, astonishing and undoubted and their thinking unparalleled, and those qualities reflect unignorably in the decisions they make and the new dizzying heights of success those decisions take the company to. 

3. Recruits that are the best in the business - There is an old saying, “A captain is only as good as his team.” There is a lot of truth in this saying. Even the best of captain can’t win a war if he doesn’t have a dedicated team of soldiers to back him up. This statement works perfectly for companies as well. Thus, Ferreterro Tools LLP has a high-quality recruitment process in place that is designed by the best of the brains to recruit the best. The result is a workforce that is simply the best! 

4. Usage of highest-quality materials for manufacturing - The field of mechanical hand tools is a tough one on its products, sometimes tougher than the product themselves if tools aren’t made the right way. The tools manufactured in this field are deployed for usage in the most ruthless of ways in the harshest of working conditions, and these hand tools has to endure all this while being durable and giving the best of results. Ferreterro Tools LLP ensures that you get best hand tools by using best material for their manufacture. The quality of materials is second to none. 

5. Implementation of latest technology - Often, the ‘how’ of the manufacturing process of the hand tools becomes a deciding factor in ascertaining the quality, and eventually, the buying decision for that hand tool by the customer. Technology has changed rapidly with time for all the sectors, and that includes the mechanical and manufacturing sectors as well. Thus, the companies have to be quick to adapt to the change in technology in their tools and services to keep at pace with the evolving times. Ferreterro tools LLP follows this point religiously, resulting in production of best hand tools for customers. 

6. Most stringent quality checks - No manufacturing process can be marked ‘complete’ and no product can be deemed fit for use yet for the customers without it undergoing multiple and well-planned quality checks before being used by customers. Ferreterro Tools LLP completely understands this and thus has a stringent quality-check procedure in place. The quality assurance officer of the company tests the tools on multiple aspects before marking them as ‘fit for delivery’. Ferreterro Tools LLP is serious about its customer’s safety and thus will do whatever it takes to give our customers the best of safety and experience. 

Ferreterro Tools LLP has changed the entire scenario of the mechanical hand tools manufacturing and distribution sector with its presence. The policies it implemented, the manufacturing techniques it implemented, the ‘customer-centric decisions it made, all this worked greatly in changing and uplifting the standards of this industry. And the customers have accepted and loved what we have done, and it is reflected in the numerous accolades and certifications it has received over the years. The ISO 9001:2015 certification possessed by the company is a glorious example of the sheer success it has attained in the market and more importantly, the respect and love it has received from its happy customers. The success of the company reflects in the multiple offices spanned all over the country in various cities, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Jalandhar, Ahmadabad and Jaipur, with the headquarters located in Sector 83, Noida, India. High-quality hand tools, top-class management, A+ rated workforce, effective workflow, efficient distribution system, excellent customer service, the company has everything going for it. The company has some really exciting plans for its future and is working quickly towards turning those plans into actions and actions into successful results for the company and its millions of happy customers who are contented because that is company’s motto. Think quality, think Ferreterro Tools LLP


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