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Finding and Selecting the Best Hand Tools Online
19 May 2021

Finding and Selecting the Best Hand Tools Online

  • Posted by : Jhalani Hand Tools

Ferreterro Tools LLP is a complete and the best answer to your mechanical tool problems, making it your best bet in troubling situations! The company designs and manufactures a high-class range of mechanical hand tools, hand tool manufacturers in india, hand tools manufacture in India, handtools manufacturer in India, handtool manufacturer in india, ensuring that every woe and tension of yours is addressed and eliminated. The company was created with an aim of being different while bringing a difference in the lives of people, and it has been able to do that since its beginning in 2015. Since its inception, the company has been able to bring comfort and happiness in the lives of scores of people by providing them with exactly the kind of high-quality and high-class mechanical hand tool they needed and deserved to own. The company has been successful in its endeavour, looking at its customer base of large number of repeated clients, both individuals as well as reputable companies like Tata Industries, SAIL, ONGC etc, that are using our screwdrivers to deal with multiple scenarios, each one of them lauding the praiseworthy screwdrivers with praising words!

Screwdrivers can be used in multiple situations in various ways to address various issues to eliminate them to the point of no return. Its simple design and ‘easy to use’ method of usage ensures that it is the first choice of the person when it comes to solving a mechanical problem that falls within its domain and range of applications. Screwdrivers usually come in multiple forms, each in different shape, size and purpose, to address a specific kind of problem. Some of the most popular types are – (i) Slotted or flat-head, (ii) Philips or crosshead, (iii) Torx, (iv) Hex, (v) Robertson, (vi) Tri-angle, (vii) Tri-wing, (viii) Magnetic, (ix) Jeweller’s and (x) Electronic. Every type mentioned has its own shape and design, and thus its own purpose and place of application. Such a wide range of tools ensure that it covers almost every problem faced by the customer by being useful in every type of situation due to variation in design. 

Thanks to its multiple types, designs and ways of manufacture, each manufactured to address a specific type of problem, screwdrivers are used in a variety of situations in a variety of ways. Screwdrivers hand tools manufacture in India are designed in a way that it is really easy to design and manufacture for the manufacturer and subsequently, is easy to use by the customer. It is the most preferable tool by the customers when it comes to situations like tightening and loosening up of screws, thus preventing any mishaps in the system and ensuring the wellbeing of both the system and the customer using it. Although screwdrivers hand tools manufacture in India come in a variety of types, each type having its own manufacturing process and specific field of application and usage, still, the basic principle of the hand tools manufacture in India and its way of application remains the same across all the situations and conditions, explaining its versatility. 

The manufacturing process of a screwdriver multi-step process wherein each step requires incredible precision and concentration by the manufacturers to ensure the screwdriver hand tools manufacture in India turns out just fine. The process starts with coils of metal wire being subjected to a machine to bring it to the right diameter size. Further, it is heated upto 732 degree Celsius to provide it the strength. Next, the wire is straightened using steel forge and given the required shape of a screwdriver hand tools manufacture in India. The steel wire is heated at 250 degree Celsius to give it the required strength. Next, the bar is plated with a protective coating of nickel to give it the durability and strength before sending it further in the assembly process. Finally, the screwdriver undergoes the nickel flash bath and then is electrically chrome plated before being sent off for the customers.  All these steps together constitute the manufacturing process of the screwdriver. 

Note – For more details on range of screwdrivers hand tools manufacture in India produced and to be notified of timely exclusive deals and special discounts, log on to our website or call us on +91-9873020506 to ensure you secure the best deals and discounts for yourself on the right kind of screwdrivers. 


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