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Finding the Best Spanners Manufacturers Tool in India
12 Sep 2021

Finding the Best Spanners Manufacturers Tool in India

  • Posted by : Jhalani Hand Tools

Spanner tool is an important and an integral part of the hand tool kits all around the world. Spanner tool is essential for people in a variety of ways. It is used for fastening or loosening bolts deployed in mechanical systems, inspecting and repairing pipes, getting torque to rotate bolts and screws in systems, and more of such important tasks.

Manufacturing process of spanner tool is long process consisting of multiple steps demanding that demands intense concentration and alertness from everyone involved in process.  Steps are -

1. Forging –In this, raw metal is collected and melted in massive industrial furnaces.

2. Moulding – Melted metal is taken out and pressed between 3 moulds that apply pressure to shape it the right way.

3. Trim line – Hydraulics is used to create trim line on body of spanner tool for ease in process.  

4. Bending – Heavy machine is used to bend the metal precisely in shape of spanner tool.

5. Punching – Milling machine is used for punching hole in body of spanner tool.  

6. Annealing – Body of spanner tool is then kept in intense heat to provide strength to spanner tool.

7. Preparing – Spanner is then kept in vibrating tub of ceramic stones and chemicals for polishing it.  

8. Electroplating – Spanner is by dipping it in solution of nickel and chromium electrons for extra protection.

9. Oxidation – Thin layer of oxide is applied on the surfaced of the spanner tool for protection to spanner. 

10. Dipping – Spanner is dipped in rust inhibitor solution to safeguard spanner tool against corrosion.

11. Assembly – Multiple components of spanner tool are assembled by humans to give spanner its final form

12. Polishing – Spanner is polished using standard industrial solutions and is also checked for any physical deformity or damage.

13. Inspection – Final inspection is performed on spanner to check for any deformity or flaw in it.

14. Packaging – Spanner is packed in company-labelled boxes and readied for distribution.

15. Distribution – Concludingly, boxes containing spanner are sent for distribution to customers using distribution services of company.

Spanner tool is an important hand tool used extensively by people. Multiple hand tool manufacturing companies have emerged rendering their hand tools to people. But none can match quality and experience provided by Ferreterro Tools LLP, the leading hand tools manufacturing company in India.


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