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Get The Sockets Wrench And Speed Up Your Work
25 Jan 2023

Get The Sockets Wrench And Speed Up Your Work

  • Posted by : Jhalani Tools

Turning the tough and tight fasteners is a mammoth task and it becomes nearly impossible when we are running out of time. Most of us get confused over the term Socket wrench as both are used for the loosening and fastening of the nuts and bolts. Sockets wrenches are the essential hand tools found in everyone's toolbox. These are the widely used hand tools for loosening and fastening nuts and bolts but differ from spanners in their design as these have a ratchet-type design that enables the user to apply more torque on and around the fastener head. It is also known as a ratchet wrench and contains a handle fixed to the socket head. The handle allows attached is used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts by pushing or pulling it. 

These are not like the usual spanners we keep in our tools box as these have multiple heads which can be used for fastening and loosening nuts of different head sizes. We need to choose the best wrench for our mechanical task or project. We need to understand the proper methodology for the functioning of the socket wrench and should apply it so that our Impact socket wrench tool is used effectively and safely.

Here are the important steps: 

1) Choice of the perfect socket for our nut 

Socket wrenches come with adjustable sockets set which can be attached to the handle according to the need. It’s crucial to pick the right socket size to prevent harm and complete your task as quickly and efficiently as possible. Read the size indicator carefully marked on the wrench so that it proves to be a good fit. 

2) Make the tool ready for our work 

Once decided on the size of the socket needed, you can connect the socket to the handle and start your work. 

3) Put the sockets wrench on the Fastener head 

This is the main action time as you connect the socket wrench to the fastener head. Always remember to make a perfect fit so that you can adjust the ratchet of the socket anytime. 

4)Turn the Fastener for fastening or loosening 

Now, you are almost done as at this step you will see the outcome of the socket wrench handtool. Remember to turn the Impact socket set wrench in a clockwise direction for tightening and in an anti-clockwise direction for loosening. 

You can choose the different ratchet drive sizes available at the leading manufacturer of the handtools Jhalani tools or you can buy the complete toolbox that contains socket drives of every size. This handtool is one of the essential handtools and always makes your tough task easy.


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