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Hammer Tools India - Ferreterrotools
28 Jul 2021

Hammer Tools India - Ferreterrotools

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Ferreterro Tools LLP has, in its short span of existence till now, has quickly emerged as a leader in this highly competitive and crowded field of mechanical hand tools in India. Since its inception in 2016, the company has consistently been designing, manufacturing and distributing very high-quality mechanical hand tools. In its relatively short span of existence in the market, the company has attracted quite a few accolades and clients for itself in the market. Thanks to its impeccable track record, high-quality mechanical hand tools and commendable display of professionalism by the management, engineers, designers, workers and the entire team of the organisation, the company has raced ahead of its competitors in the market, leaving all its competitors down and out long back, and is now undisputingly ruling this segment of the market like a worthy champion. The company has been successful in doing it owing to a variety of factors it believes are responsible are responsible for its stupendous success in the market.

The company would like to pay their biggest and sincerest regards to its invaluable customers, customers who are more like family for us. Our customers have always shown their love and support for us unfailingly and unconditionally. This noble gesture from them motivates all of us in the organisation to put our best foot forward and get down to working and manufacturing the best quality hand tools for our invaluable customers. Thanks to their unflinching and consistent love and support, the company has seen tremendous growth over the years of its existence in the market. The company has, since its inception, seen its expansion in 9 major cities of India, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Jalandhar, Ahmadabad and Jaipur with more names being added in this already highly-decorated and studded list of names soon. The company aims to reach the maximum number of people as quickly as possible to help them own the best-quality mechanical hand tools for their mechanical endeavours.

Thus, the company is chalking out its aggressive and ambitious expansion plans and all the departments of the company are working and toiling really hard to turn the company’s noble dream into a beautiful reality which will benefit the invaluable customers of the company. The company would also like to utilise this opportunity to thank its staff, its team of the planning and designing, manufacturing and distribution of the mechanical hand tools manufactured by the company. The responsibility of manufacturing the mechanical hand tools is distributed amongst these teams who come in at various stages of the manufacturing process and put in their best efforts, ultimately resulting in the production of the mechanical hand tools of the highest and the best quality.

Manufacturing process of hammer hand tool is an extremely detailed, precise, laborious, time-consuming and rewarding process. It involves extreme care, dedication and professionalism on the part of the workers, engineers and the managers involved in the manufacturing process of the Hammers. The workers have to be careful while executing the process. The engineers have to be precise with their designs and calculations. The managers have to ensure smooth and successful execution of manufacturing process. It involves multiple steps to be taken care of that, if performed precisely, will result in the production of high-quality hammer hand tool.

To create the head of the hammer hand tool -

1. Forging – The manufacturing process of hammer tool initiates with forging. In this, raw metal is collected and melted in massive-sized burning furnaces at high temperature for hammer manufacturing process.

2. Cutting – Molten pieces of raw metal is taken out and cooled. Then, these metal pieces are prepared for being cut like hammer head by cutting into pieces called blanks.

3. Annealing – Next, the head of hammer tool faces annealing or heat-treatment process. Prepared metal is subjected to extreme heat to give it strength. The temperature exceeds 1000 degree Celsius.

4. Rolling – Further, head of hammer tool undergoes rolling. In rolling, head is freed of any residual material that is stuck on hammer’s body due to the damp industrial environment.

5. Polishing – Finally, completed head of hammer tool is polished using various industrial solutions to smoothen the hammer head and eliminate any protruding edges. Also, it gets shining finished look.

For creating the handle of the hammer hand tool -

1. Cutting – To begin the manufacturing process of handle of hammer tool, large quantities of wood is collected from multiple sources. It is then cut into rough dimensions of handle.

2. Lathe – The trimmed and prepared wood is then inserted in the lathe machine. Lathe machine rotates and cuts the wood using its blade to shape it like the handle.

3. Polishing – Prepared handle of hammer tool is then taken out of the lathe machine and coated with layer of industrial-grade solution. It gives the handle its glossy finished look.  

4. Assembly - Further, head and handle of hammer tool are assembled together firmly. Both pieces are kept together and high pressure is applied on them, firmly joining them together.

5. Packaging - Concludingly, prepared hammer tools are packed in company-marked boxes and then sent off to be delivered to the sellers to be bought by the company’s invaluable customers.

Hammers Tool is arguably oldest and most important hand tool.manufacturer. It comes in multiple forms to quench needs of all types of customers. The manufacturing process of a hammer tool is a long and laborious one and demands extreme care and precision from everyone involved in the process.

For further details about hammer tool and for locking best offers for yourself, please visit Ferreterro Tools or call us on +91-9873020506. You’re invited to visit us at Sector 83, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India and know more about our hand tools and securing them at best price for yourself!


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