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Heavy Work Made Simple With Socket Wrench Set Hand Tools
02 Sep 2022

Heavy Work Made Simple With Socket Wrench Set Hand Tools

  • Posted by : Jhalani Tools

Right tools with the right efforts give the right results as these tiny-miny metal pieces are paramount to any business or household. But, have you wondered what could be the very basic tools to perform any job efficiently, safely, and comfortably? The answer is a Socket set. Yes! You heard me right. A socket set or precisely a socket wrench set consists of drivers of different sizes which when attached to a wrench simplify the complicated task of securing bolts in their particular positions tightly or fattening the bolts from ay machinery.

Whether it be expanding businesses or the DIY generation, socket sets are popular among all. Even before the manufacturing boom, standard wrenches were basic tools for plumbers and other mechanics which even after the manufacturing boom and industrialization, are popular but for heavy-duty work these standard wrenches have their limitations of fixed driver size which means for different sizes of bolts tightening or fastening, one needs to have a different wrench and carrying these number of wrenches becomes bulky and unrealistic. On the other hand, these socket sets fit easily in a portable box. It consists of hexagonal sockets or female drivers(popularly known in laymen's terms)of different sizes which can be attached to a wrench. A socket wrench makes a complete hand tool for fixing bolts, fastening bolts, or any other job involving mechanical parts.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of the best quality metal socket sets and our socket wrench set consists of a ratchet handler along with highly used drive sockets made of special alloy steel having great tensile strength. Our other range of products include Square drive Bihex and hex sockets, Impact sockets, and square drive impact socket made up of high-quality alloy steel. Our tools are manufactured with precision and they meet international standards so that tough mechanical jobs can become easy and manageable. The handle is made especially to ease user fatigue and provide a good grip while performing a mechanical task. We have socket wrench sets in varying sizes of 12.5mm, 19mm, and 25mm which are usually employed by industries for mechanical jobs. A socket wrench is a hand tool that comes loaded with a ratcheting mechanism on its head. The ratcheting part is generally referred to as a wrench and it gets easily connected to a variety of sockets by way of a square nub called the drive.

Safety cant is undermined when we talk of hand tools or any other tools. Our socket wrench sets have been made in accordance with the safety norms and we believe that safe tools highly contribute to a better and safer working environment which in turn increases efficiency. Use of socket sets in an improper and dangerous way should be highly discouraged as lack of alertness and mishandling of hand tools can cause accidents that can impact many lives.


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