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Impact Socket Wrench Tool Set Online in India
30 Nov 2023

Impact Socket Wrench Tool Set Online in India

  • Posted by : Jhalani Tools

Impact Socket Set Wrench Tool Online in Delhi NCR, India

We need different kinds of hand tools for specific and different tasks. Socket sets are handy in various kind of fastening and loosening jobs as these easily gets attached to a socket wrench, ratchet, torque wrench or other turning tool and perform the tightening or loosening of a fastener such as a nut or bolt by turning it.

While working with tough nuts and bolts, we need Jhalani hand tools that are reliable and robust. In the automobile industry and other heavy-duty industries, impact sockets are preferred for removing the bolts that are installed in mechanical instruments and other heavy-duty operations. Impact sockets have a compact size ensuring that the bolts are easily removed safely and precisely. Mostly we see the use of impact sockets with turning tools such as ratchets, torque wrenches or impact wrenches. High torque is needed in the loosening or fastening of nuts and bolts that are tight or rusted. In such a scenario, an impact wrench is highly suitable as it can apply a high torque without damaging the bolt head. There is a high use of small sockets with a spinner handle for fixing the hard drives and side panels of desktop computers in place.

Jhalani Handtools is the leading manufacturer and supplier of good-quality Impact sockets. They have a wide range of sizes in impact sockets. The available ring sizes are 1/4" (6.35 mm), 3/8" (9.5 mm), 1/2" (12.7 mm), 3/4" (19 mm) etc.

Jhalani Handtools has the following types of Impact sockets set available:

Standard Impact Sockets Set Tool

Deep Impact Sockets Set Tool

Universal Impact Sockets Set Tool

Specialty Impact Sockets Set Tool

Magnetic Impact Sockets Set Tool

Insulated Impact Sockets Set Tool

Thin Wall Impact Sockets Set Tool

Flare Nut Impact Sockets Set Tool

You need to ensure the quality of the hand tool before making a purchase if you want to avoid the effect of shock and vibrations during the use of impact sockets. Quality of Impact sockets is really important as the low-quality raw material can adversely affect the resistance power of the socket. Jhalani Impact sockets can be safely used and are ideal for high-torque applications.

Jhalani Impact sockets are designed to withstand the vibration and shock of each impact which in turn prevents cracks or breaks thereby prolonging the life of the socket and avoiding damage to the tool's anvil. Jhalani Impact sockets are tempered and anodised which makes them corrosion-resistant. Impact sockets are made of chrome molybdenum steel which is a ductile material that gives additional elasticity to the socket. Also, the walls of the impact socket are thick as compared to the regular socket along with a non-corrosive finish.


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