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Mechanic Tools Names
02 Jul 2023

Mechanic Tools Names

  • Posted by : Jhalani Tools

There are numerous mechanical tools available for various purposes. Here are some common mechanic tools and their names:

Wrenches Hand Tool:

A.       Combination wrench

B.       Adjustable wrench

C.       Socket wrench

D.       Torque wrench

E.        Allen wrench (hex key)

Screwdrivers Hand Tool:

A.       Flathead screwdriver

B.       Phillips screwdriver

C.       Torx screwdriver

D.       Precision screwdriver set

Pliers Hand Tool:

A.       Slip-joint pliers

B.       Needle-nose pliers

C.       Locking pliers (Vise-Grips)

D.       Diagonal pliers (wire cutters)

E.        Hose clamp pliers

Hammers Hand tool:

A.       Claw hammer

B.       Ball-peen hammer

C.       Rubber mallet

D.       Dead blow hammer

E.        Sledgehammer

Sockets and Ratchets Hand Tool:

A.       Socket set

B.       Ratchet handle

C.       Extension bars

D.       Universal joint

E.        Ratcheting Wrenches:

F.        Ratcheting combination wrenches

G.       Ratcheting box-end wrenches

Air Hand Tools:

A.       Air compressor

B.       Air impact wrench

C.       Air ratchet

D.       Air hammer

Power Hand Tools:

A.       Electric drill

B.       Impact driver

C.       Angle grinder

D.       Circular saw

E.        Jigsaw

Specialty Hand Tools:

A.       Timing light

B.       Compression tester

C.       Spark plug socket

D.       OBD-II scanner

Miscellaneous Hand Tools:

A.       Pry bar

B.       Wire brush

C.       Feeler gauge

D.       Multimeter

E.        Oil filter wrench

Remember, this is not an exhaustive list, and there are many more tools available for mechanics depending on their specific needs and the type of work they do.


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