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Tool Box and Tool Trolley with Metal Tool Box in India
02 Jul 2023

Tool Box and Tool Trolley with Metal Tool Box in India

  • Posted by : Jhalani Tools

A tool box and tool trolley are essential for organizing and transporting mechanic tools. Here's an overview of these two types of storage options:

Tool Box:

A tool box is a portable container typically made of metal or heavy-duty plastic. It features a hinged lid and multiple drawers for storing tools. Tool boxes come in various sizes and designs, including:

Hand-carry tool box: These compact tool boxes have a single handle and are suitable for carrying a small collection of tools.

Cantilever tool box: This type of tool box has multiple tiers or compartments that fold out when opened, allowing for easy access to tools organized in different sections.

Rolling tool box: Designed with built-in wheels and a telescopic handle, rolling tool boxes offer portability and can accommodate larger tool collections. They often have multiple drawers and compartments for better organization.

Tool Trolley (or Tool Chest):

A tool trolley, also known as a tool chest or tool cabinet, is a larger storage unit on wheels. It is designed to hold a more extensive collection of tools and is often used in professional workshops or garages. Key features of a tool trolley include:

Multiple drawers: Tool trolleys have several drawers of different sizes to accommodate various tools. These drawers can be locked to secure the tools.

Top compartment: The top portion of a tool trolley often serves as a storage space with a hinged lid. It can be used to store bulkier tools or items that don't fit in the drawers.

Wheels and handles: Tool trolleys are equipped with wheels and a handle, allowing for easy mobility around the workspace.

Both tool boxes and tool trolleys are designed to keep your tools organized, protected, and easily accessible. The choice between them depends on the size of your tool collection and your mobility needs. Smaller collections can be conveniently stored in a tool box, while larger collections may require the additional storage capacity and mobility offered by a tool trolley. A metal tool box with five tiers refers to a multi-level tool storage unit made of metal that provides five separate compartments or levels for organizing and storing tools. This type of tool box is typically used to store a larger number of tools and offers increased storage capacity compared to single-tier or smaller tool boxes.

Features of a metal tool box with five tiers may include:

Construction: It is constructed primarily from metal, such as steel or aluminum, which provides durability and strength to withstand heavy use in workshop or garage environments.

Tiered Design: The tool box is divided into five levels, or compartments, stacked on top of each other. Each tier usually consists of drawers or compartments that can be opened individually.

Drawers or Compartments : Each tier typically contains multiple drawers or compartments for organizing tools. These drawers may vary in size, allowing you to store different types of tools based on their dimensions.

Locking Mechanism: To secure the tools, the tool box may feature a locking mechanism. This ensures that the contents of the box are protected and prevents unauthorized access.

Portability: Depending on the design, a metal tool box with five tiers may have handles or wheels to facilitate transportation and mobility around the workspace.

Additional Features: Some metal tool boxes may come with additional features such as removable dividers within the drawers or compartments, foam inserts to protect delicate tools, or built-in tool trays on the top for quick access to frequently used tools.

It's important to note that specific features and dimensions may vary between different models and brands of metal tool boxes with five tiers. When choosing one, consider factors such as the size of your tool collection, the types of tools you need to store, and your workspace requirements.


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