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Exploring the Best Screwdriver Tools in India
10 Aug 2021

Exploring the Best Screwdriver Tools in India

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Ferreterro Tools LLP, located in Sector 83, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, is the leader in the designing, manufacturing and distribution of excellent, long-lasting and ‘easy to use’ mechanical hand tools in the country today. Since its inception in 2016, the company has risen above its well-established competitors in the market and has emerged as the undisputed leader of this highly-competitive and unforgiving market of the mechanical hand tools in the country. The company has led this field by being an exemplary example of quality and class.

The company has seen constant and rapid growth in its sales and ultimately, success in this field. The company is humbled by the incredible success it has attained in this field. The company would like to thank its invaluable customers for their constant faith and support to the company. It is humbled by love shown by  customers to it repeatedly by being a returning customer to the company for fulfilling their needs of the mechanical hand tools.  The company holds credible and excellent experience in the designing, planning, manufacturing, testing, and distribution of the mechanical hand tools of the highest quality.

The company shows and practices the highest quality of professionalism in its work culture. Every employee working at any level in the company has a set of guidelines to remember and follow. The employee understands the importance of these guidelines and thus follows them by all his heart. Be it the employee, worker, managers or the employers at the highest level of the company, every single individual has his set of guidelines to follow and he does. The result of this dedication and perseverance of the employees, coupled with the faith and love shown by its customers, is the securing of the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification by company.
The manufacturing process of the screwdriver tool is a very sharp and dedicatedly executed process.

The entire manufacturing process of the Screwdriver Hand Tool manufacturer in India is a process that demands alertness and complete dedication from every individual involved in the manufacturing process at every level of the company. The manufacturing process of the screwdriver hand tool is a very detailed process. Thus, care needs to be taken to perform every procedure with complete alertness and dedication by both the workers as well as the managers involved in the manufacturing process to manufacture the best-quality screwdriver hand tool manufacturer in India.

1. Forging - The entire process of manufacturing of the screwdriver tool begins with the procedure known as forging. In this, massive amounts of raw metal is collected and melted in industrial furnaces for usage as base metal for procedure.

2. Drawing – After the metal is completely melted in the industrial furnaces, it is extracted from the furnaces. Then, the molten metal is then drawn into long, thin wires by beating them with heavy weights to shape it like screwdriver.   

3. Annealing – Prepared strip of metal for manufacturing process of the screwdriver tool then undergoes the annealing or heat treatment process. In this, the prepared strips of metal are subjected to heat of high temperatures to add strength to them.

4. Straightening – Next, the treated strips of metal for manufacturing of the screwdriver tool is straightened using a mechanical tool known as the string forge. This mechanical tool ensures to put sufficient pressure on the raw metal to prepare it.

5. Cutting – The prepared strips of metal are then further sent for the cutting process. A machine called the cold-forming press cuts the metal into metal wires of accurate length for the screwdriver tool. Tip formation also takes place here.

6. Nickel-plating – For the next step, the prepared wire of the screwdriver tool is nickel-plated. The wire is coated with a thin layer of nickel metal. This creates a protective layer over its surface, making it both corrosion-proof and rust-proof.

7. Grinding – In the next step of manufacturing process, mechanical tool called the grinding wheel is introduced. This wheel polishes and smoothens the surface of screwdriver tool. This gives the screwdriver tool its shiny and finished look, making it ready.

8. Tipping – A mechanical tool called the profilator is introduced in this step of the manufacturing process of the screwdriver tool. The profilator works on the metal to create the tip at the end of the shank of screwdriver tool.

9. Assembly – Next, the completely prepared shank of the screwdriver hand tool is sent further into the assembly unit of the factory for final leg of process. Here, the handle is attached to the screwdriver tool to complete its look.

10. Polishing – The competed screwdriver tool is sent further to undergo the polishing process. In this, the screwdriver tool undergoes the process of polishing to provide it with a shining finished look. It is also checked for any physical defects.

11. Inspection – Next, an inspection officer is assigned to examine completed screwdriver tool. The officer examines and tests the screwdriver tool on multiple parameters of testing. Only after he gives clearance is the tool sent for final step of packaging.

12. Packaging – Finally, the completed and okayed screwdriver tool is packed in company marked boxes and readied for transporting to the sellers and the clients. The company deploys its transportation services for this process that distributes the hand tools safely.

Screwdriver Tool is important and simple hand tool. A hand tool sans any complex mechanism, this hand tool is of immense importance to users. It performs multiple important tasks. It is used for tightening and loosening of screws, and also examining the mechanical systems and rectifying them as required.

For more details on screwdriver tool and for securing best-quality hand tools to fulfil your requirements, please visit ferreterro tools or call us on +91-9873020506. You’re welcome at our office at Sector 83, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India in working hours for more details and securing hand tools at unbeatable prices!


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