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Reliable spanner Supplier in India and the World
22 Nov 2023

Reliable spanner Supplier in India and the World

  • Posted by : Jhalani Tools

Imagine any heavy mechanical work to be done without the use of a Spanner. Spanners are the most versatile tool found in your toolbox that can assist you in every kind of fastening and loosening work while dealing with nuts and bolts. Over the centuries, spanners have played an important role in industrialization and development. Spanners are the major precision tools widely used in the Automotive sector. They are used in large industries like metal factories, the car industry, garages, custom shops, manufacturing units, and process plants as well as various others.

Spanners made of high-quality material are highly recommended for every kind of tough and time-consuming hard-core mechanical job. These generally have long handles with a sturdy grip that makes it best for applying maximum torque on the bolts to be loosened and fastened.  Jhalani spanners are high-quality hand tools that can effectively work with tight and rusted bolts. Spanners are interesting and practical tools as these are used by amateurs to professional mechanics, woodworkers and metalworkers for a variety of works. 

It is generally seen that the substandard quality of spanners is not very durable and gets damaged upon being subjected to high force or pressure. Jhalani hand tools are reliable spanner suppliers in India and overseas. Spanners available at Jhalani Tools are made of premium quality steel alloy with a drop forged technique so that spanner can be used rigorously. There are two categories of spanners used. One is general-purpose spanners and another is task-specific spanners. 

Flare nut wrenches are general-purpose tools which are used for tightening or loosening hexagonal nuts and fittings. The versatility of this hand tool makes it a high-demand tool in the automobile industry. Spanners like S-Type Ring Spanners have a round ring on both ends and are used in specific cases where using open-ended spanners is not an option. The rings of the s-shaped spanner have projected teeth integrated into the rings, thus allowing six-sided nut bolts to be easily grabbed for fastening or loosening. 

There is a wide range of spanners available at the Jhalani spanner suppliers. The list contains:


  • C-Type Ring Spanners

  • Adjustable Spanner

  • Slugging open Spanner

  • Slugging Ring Spanner

  • Combination spanner

  • Single-ended open-ended spanners

  • Tubular box spanners

  • Sledge Type Single Ended Open Jaw Spanners

  • Single-Ended Open Jaw Spanner 

  • Bihexagonal ring spanners 

  • Double Open End Spanner 

Jhalani Hand tools are the largest manufacturer and exporter of high-quality hand tools. The entire process of manufacturing hand tools at Jhalani is highly innovative and mechanized. A highly skilled workforce along with machinery is equipped to manufacture and supply high-quality alloy steel tools.

Jhalani hand tools specialize in making finely crafted, sturdy and scientifically designed spanners on par with the international standard parameters of safety. Safety is an important criterion for choosing a spanner hand tool as a lack of knowledge or negligence may lead to several mistakes and injuries. It is important to use spanner hand tools properly and precisely rather than using them to enhance the work's speed. 


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