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Jhalani, Jhalani Tools, CROSS RIM WRENCHES


Selected Carbon Steel, Chrome Plated, Induction Hardened & Tempered, HSN-8204

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Cross rim wrenches are indispensable tools for automobile industry and one should have a set of these wrenches if you have a four-wheeled vehicle. 


Here are the features of cross rim wrenches:

  • Made of high quality steel alloy makes it highly durable and strong
  • WIdely used for tightening and loosening of nuts and bolts in automobiles like trucks, passenger cars, SUVs etc. 
  • Also used in assembling and disassembling of wooden furniture
  • These wrenches are Upset forged which ensures their strength. 
  • The two pieces of cross rim wrench is  fused using butt welding which makes the connection strong and unbreakable

Ferreterro Tools are the leading manufacturers and exporters of Cross rim wrenches. 


Order your set today and lead the race. 


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