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Jhalani, Jhalani Tools, Heavy Duty Wheel Wrenches Tool
Heavy Duty Wheel Wrenches Tool

Heavy Duty Wheel Wrenches Tool

Selected Steel,  Chrome Plated, Fully Hardened &  Tempered , HSN-8204

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Heavy-duty wheel wrenches are widely used tools in the heavy vehicles industry. 

 Here are the features of Jhalani wrenches: 

     Manufactured from alloy steel these wrenches are heat treated to give durability and strength

     Comes with a powder-coated finish which makes it corrosion resistant

     It has a robust grip and convenient tip design for smooth use

     These wrenches come with the tightest lug with the least amount of struggle.   

FerreterroTools are the leading manufacturer and exporter of Flare nut wrenches. 

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